Climate change protest planned for Sunday

The usual suspects are hoping to force everyone else to fund their slacker lifestyles.  Angry

FARGO – As part of a global effort to urge leaders to take action against climate change, local activists plan to hold a march in Fargo and Moorhead on Sunday.
The march will start at 1 p.m. Sunday at Moorhead City Hall and will end in the same place, organizer Kathleen Keene said.“We’re going to loop through Fargo, not very far, probably like a mile at the most,” Keene said, adding that a sign-making party is planned for 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor, 916 Main Ave. in Fargo.

The Fargo-Moorhead march and others like it around the world are being held in solidarity with the People’s Climate March in New York City, which is set to take place just before a United Nations summit on climate change.

On Sunday afternoon, about three dozen people were at the Fargo Theatre for a free showing of “Disruption,” a documentary that outlines the dangers of climate change and highlights the People’s Climate March.

Joe Richardson, who helped organize the showing of the documentary, encouraged the crowd to tell lawmakers that climate change is an issue that deserves more attention.

“It’s time we actually go to politicians and say, ‘This is our future we’re talking about here,’” he said.

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PR firm provided ‘talking points’ to ND tax commissioner’s office

Gee; what a surprise. Roll Eyes

BISMARCK – Campaign adviser Odney Advertising provided talking points for officials in the North Dakota tax commissioner’s office and governor’s office to use when responding to questions related to Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger’s decision to take a leave of absence for alcohol treatment, email records show.

In a Sept. 5 email titled “Suggested Talking Points re: Ryan Rauschenberger,” former tax commissioner Cory Fong – who left the office Dec. 31 to take a job with Odney, leading to Rauschenberger’s appointment by Gov. Jack Dalrymple – laid out answers to several anticipated questions about Rauschenberger’s absence.

One question related to how much work Rauschenberger had missed over the past several weeks and months due to his treatment and condition.

Fong’s suggested answer read: “Ryan has been out of the office for periods of time for the in-patient and out-patient treatment he has been seeking. And for that reason he has missed some of the meetings he would normally have attended. Outside of that and because of the nature of the office and duties of an elected official, not to mention the campaign, it’s virtually impossible for us to determine how much time Ryan has been out of the office due to his illness during these past several weeks and months v. attending meetings, events, or campaigning.”

The email, obtained by Forum News Service through an open records request, also suggested answers for questions about who was in charge of the Tax Department in Rauschenberger’s absence and whether the agency was running smooth.

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McIlroy’s Errant Shot Finds Fan’s Pocket

Don’t the rules state “Play it where it lands?”  Huh

ATLANTA — The rules of golf stipulate that you play the ball as it lies, but Rory McIlroy wasn’t going there Friday during the second round of the Tour Championship.

He wasn’t even going after his golf ball.

McIlroy’s tee shot at East Lake’s 14th hole hit a tree and somehow ended up in a spectator’s pocket.

“Hit it up on the tree and ricocheted straight into his pocket,” McIlroy said after shooting a 5-under-par 65.

Asked if he had to retrieve the ball himself, McIlroy couldn’t help but chuckle. “I wasn’t going in there. I know how sweaty my pockets are. I’m not going into anyone else’s.”

In golf terminology, the phrase “ball in pocket,” is usually a negative one. It means a player has picked up on the hole, putting it away to end the futility until the next tee.

In this case, McIlroy was allowed a free drop under Rule 19-1a, which deals with a ball in motion that is accidentally deflected or stopped by an outside agency. The spectator, an unidentified man, diligently stood under the tree until McIlroy arrived,
then handed the golfer the ball.

McIlroy dropped, hit his second shot onto the green from 145 yards and then two-putted for par.

“It’s not the first time [it happened] this year, either,” McIlroy said. “I just had a ball go up someone’s trouser at the Scottish Open in Aberdeen. I just need to stop hitting it off line and these things won’t happen.

“I got a lucky break there. That ball could have went anywhere off that tree, and I was able to hit it on the green and make par there and keep the momentum going.”

McIlroy ended up birdieing his final two holes, and his 65 briefly tied him for the tournament lead at the PGA Tour’s season-ending event that will also conclude the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Ranked No. 1 in the world after four worldwide victories this year, McIlroy is in position to claim the FedEx Cup’s $10 million bonus.

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Trump Offers Obama Free Lifetime Golf

Will he make the same offer to Biden and so on, down the line of succession? Cheesy

After Barack Obama was turned down by numerous golf clubs in NY over Labor Day weekend including one of Donald Trump’s clubs, the billionaire has offered Obama free golf for life if the golf-a-holic president resigns office, effective immediately.
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A Fargo man faces felony terrorizing and domestic assault charges

He probably has unresolved anger about going through life as a “man named Kim.” Cry

FARGO – A Fargo man faces felony terrorizing and domestic assault charges after holding a woman captive in a storage shed, cutting her repeatedly with a utility knife, raping her, choking her and threatening to kill her, prosecutors allege.

According to court documents filed this week in Cass County District Court, police were called about 5:09 p.m. Saturday to a disturbance at 1709 1st Ave. N. and found a man standing over a naked woman yelling at her and hitting her with his hand.

The responding officer, Fred Lassonde, approached quietly and, seeing the pair around the corner of a nearby structure, drew his gun, a police report says.

Yelling for the man to show his hands, Lassonde handcuffed the man, identified as Kim Lemont Young, 53, who tried to break free.

The woman was transported to the hospital for treatment of her injuries.

The victim told Lassonde that Young was holding her captive in the storage shed nearby while forcing her to have sex with him.

She told Lassonde that Young cut her repeatedly with a utility knife, threatened to kill her and twice held her by the throat until she passed out.

Young was charged in Cass County District Court with one count of aggravated domestic assault and one count of terrorizing, both Class C felonies.

His next court appearance is set for Oct. 15.

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Letter: ‘SheSays’ continues to offend

Michelle Forness is going to make “Charo” cry. Cry

As a mom raising a young daughter, I try to instill in her strength, determination, sensitivity and independence. I want her to be able to think for herself without people or society telling her who she should be. It is becoming more difficualt to raise free-thinking kids of any gender since they are bombarded with cartoons, commercials, toys and advertisements pigeonholing them into a stereotype.

The SheSays section of The Forum merely makes something that should be neutral, like a newspaper, a discouraging mirror of these stereotypes. SheSays becomes hypocritical of the “empowerment” many of the articles try to promote.

For example, the Sunday, Aug. 31, article by Meredith Holt entitled “Sorry for saying sorry” was a quality piece about women in the workplace and how their tendency to use apologetic language is “perceived as a sign of weakness, a lack of confidence and competence, and an inability to lead and make difficult decisions.” I agree, yet an article about women’s strength in the workplace becomes contradictory when placed in a gender specific section of The Forum.

Obviously, a person can choose whatever sections of the paper he or she would like to read. However, by lumping together articles about orgasms, depression, elder care, manners, jewelry knots, discrimination of overweight people, Big Brother Big Sister, mini-clutches for credit cards, weddings, births, anniversaries and bike safety (all appearing in the same Aug. 31 SheSays), The Forum reinforces the stereotypes I’m trying to overcome while raising a daughter. The Forum tells her sex, emotion, empathy and relationships are a woman’s territory; however, all people should be concerned with these issues as well as news, sports, business, events, and travel in order to be well-informed members of society.

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The metro’s million-dollar homes

This year, Cass County has 41 homes
being assessed at $1 million or greater, including the price of land, according to data from the county assessor. Clay County had only one home valued at greater than $1 million, bringing the metro total to 42.
Several of the homeowners among those 42 either declined to comment for this story or did not return messages seeking comment.

Gee, I wonder why. Roll Eyes

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I’m Glad I’m Not Kathy McCarthy!

The education cabal and everyone else on the dole, won’t like her letter-to-the editor. Shocked

Letter: Clear and loud ‘no, no and no’ to proposed increases in taxes
By Kathy McCarthy
To Fargo School Board, Fargo Park District, Cass County Commission:

Within the past three weeks, I received the following notifications:
Fargo Public Schools – 2.58 percent increase in property tax.
Fargo Park Board – 3.34 percent increase in property tax.
Cass County – 3.71 percent increase in property tax.
Total property tax increase of 9.63 percent.

I have received notice to attend three separate public hearings regarding three separate property tax increases.

An article in The Forum indicated a projected

$9.8 billion in oil tax revenue alone for the 2015-17 biennium. Now, does it make sense that the state of North Dakota is flush with billions of dollars in tax revenue, yet the city of Fargo is asking its residents to increase their property tax by 10 percent. Why?

Do I really need to spend my time attending three separate meetings to find out why the city of Fargo is increasing my total property tax 10 percent? I would ask all three city agencies to communicate in writing to its residents exactly what the funds will be used for before they ask us to attend a public hearing. This information could have been included in the letters.

I do not plan on attending the meetings (I’m upset and would probably be arrested for creating a disturbance), so here’s my response to you:

Fargo Public Schools – No to 2.58 percent increase.
Fargo Park Board – No to 3.34 percent increase – and absolutely not for supporting and funding the ice arena.
Cass County – No to 3.71 percent increase.

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US Aircraft lands in Iran amid mix-up

That’s a hell of a “mix-up” Shocked

A commercial aircraft chartered by the U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan for a flight to the Persian Gulf city of Dubai was re-routed to Iran on Friday, apparently because of a mix-up over its flight plan, U.S. officials said.

The plane was allowed to depart after spending several hours on the ground in southern Iran. The State Department later confirmed that it had landed in Dubai.

“We appreciate the efforts of all parties to help the passengers get safely to their destination,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement. She described the problem as a “bureaucratic issue” with the plane’s flight plan.

The plane was flying from Bagram airfield north of Kabul to Dubai. The normal flight path goes through Iranian airspace.

Iranians radioed the plane’s crew to say they did not have the proper paperwork and to return to Bagram, a U.S. official said. The pilots said they did not have enough fuel to return so the Iranian authorities told them to land in Iran.

The plane landed at Bandar Abbas in southern Iran, a second U.S. official said. The officials were not authorized to be named and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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NBC Pays for Matt Lauer to Ride Helicopter


reporter Emily Smith stated that Lauer — who in June extended his $20-million-per-year contract through 2016 — gets a chopper ride to and from the NBC set to his 40-acre horse farm and nearby mansion in the Hamptons a number of times per week but insists that he and his family live “a painfully normal existence.

That’s an interesting choice of words. Huh

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