United States recognizes gay marriages in six more states

This is and always has been about “the benefits” which others will be forced to pay for. Angry

WASHINGTON – U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Saturday the U.S. government will recognize same-sex marriages in six more states, bringing to 32 the number of states where couples in gay unions qualify for federal benefits.
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Letter: Measure 5 is about clean air and water for ND

How much of the money is Ryan hoping to pocket? Roll Eyes

Letter: Measure 5 is about clean air and water for ND
By Ryan Langerud from Grand Forks
I’m voting “yes” on Measure 5 because I like breathing clean air, walking my dog on the Greenway along the Red River, and drinking clean water. If these are qualities of life that you value, I suggest voting “yes” with me.

Measure 5 will dedicate 5 percent of the existing oil and gas fees toward maintaining public places outdoors, as well as natural flood control. I think this measure is very important to people in North Dakota, especially those who experience flooding on a yearly basis.

By having clean drinking water for families, and unique public places to enjoy, like the Greenway, we can maintain the quality of life we have grown to expect here in North Dakota. Measure 5 does not increase any taxes, and is an important step to take if you love the outdoors and a healthy living environment.

If you enjoy walking your dog in a public park, and drinking clean drinking water, please join me in voting “yes” on Nov. 4.

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ND Democrats accuse Republicans of trying to slash oil tax

Leave it to one of the Schneider shyster clan to pull this. Roll Eyes

FARGO – North Dakota Democrats went on the offensive Friday, accusing the state’s Republican lawmakers of misleading voters about an attempt to reduce the oil-extraction tax during last year’s legislative session.“Every member of the Senate GOP majority voted in favor of Senate Bill 2336, a bill which would have slashed the oil-extraction tax by 30 percent,” said Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider, a Grand Forks Democrat. “The North Dakota Tax Department estimated that would have cost the state $1.3 billion in the first five years alone.”

Speaking at a news conference in downtown Fargo, Schneider specifically called out Sens. Margaret Sitte, Lonnie Laffen and Larry Luick, saying their statements and campaign materials are “displaying a stunning disregard for the truth” about the bill, which was ultimately defeated.

Laffen, R-Grand Forks, dismissed the Democrats’ accusations as political theater that takes one part of the bill out of context.

“The net-effect of that bill was a $39.4 million increase,” he said. “To say it’s a decrease is just flat-out lying.”

Senate Bill 2336 would have eliminated 10 tax loopholes for oil companies while also reducing the 6.5 percent extraction tax, which companies pay on oil taken out of the ground, to 4.5 percent for new wells built after 2017. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 34-13, and House lawmakers later rejected it with an 87-6 vote.

Sitte, R-Bismarck, said legislators vote on many different measures and that the focus should be on their end results. In this case, she said, the outcome was the passage of House Bill 1198, which increased oil taxes by $220 million.

“All that matters is the final vote on the final bill,” she said.

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Islamic loans give businesses loans

Although there’s no interest, Islamic loans do come at a price.

Why do I think it may be your head? Shocked

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Another Heart Warming Tale From Diversityville

The borders are wide open. Angry

Police finally caught up to a man suspected in a Moorhead drive-by shooting. Juan Martinez was arrested in St. Paul and is now charged with attempted murder.


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Poll: 42 percent strongly oppose same-sex marriage

Why are the fancy lads and lassies scaring Nanaw and Papaw? Cry

FARGO – For same-sex marriage to become legal in North Dakota, it may have to be done in the courts because many voters here have no appetite for it, according to a recent Forum Communications Co. poll.

Fifty percent said they oppose legalization compared to 37 percent who said they support it. More opponents of legalization said they felt strongly about their position than supporters.

Another 9 percent were neutral, and 5 percent did not answer the question.

Pollsters noted the strong generational difference, with a majority of voters 30 years old and younger supporting legalization, while all other age groups opposing it, with opposition growing with age. Women were less opposed to legalization compared to men.

The poll of 505 likely voters has a margin of error of 5 percent. It was conducted by the University of North Dakota’s College of Business and Public Administration in partnership with Forum Communications Co.

Same-sex marriage is banned by the North Dakota Constitution, which voters approved in 2004. A lawsuit challenging the ban, Jorgensen v. Montplaisir, was filed in June and is making its way through the federal court system.

While poll results show opposition to same-sex marriage is very strong, it may have eroded since just a few years ago.

According to a report by the Williams Institute, a legal think tank at the University of California-Los Angeles, only 23 percent of North Dakotans were estimated to have su

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LEAFY SPURGE: To backers of Measure 7

It’s ironic that an outfit that benefits from the first amendment wants to deny it to others. Angry

LEAFY SPURGE: To a few overzealous backers of Measure 7, the ballot proposal that would lift pharmacy ownership requirements in North Dakota, who appeared in the North Dakota State University homecoming parade wearing NDSU garb or colors and marching with banners blaring “Bring Home NDSU Pharmacy School Graduates” and “Vote YES on Measure 7.” NDSU and its pharmacy program, of course, must remain neutral on political issues. Somebody dropped the ball by allowing the political banners in the homecoming parade.
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REJECT: Obama’s credit card denied

Just wait until the USA’s credit card is denied. Shocked

President Obama came perilously close to having to wash some dishes on his recent trip to New York.

Mr. Obama revealed Friday that his credit card was rejected when he went to pay for his meal at a New York restaurant during the U.N. General Assembly gathering last month.

“Apparently they thought there was some fraud going on,” Mr. Obama joked at a meeting Friday with employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, adding that “even I am affected” by the difficulties of dealing with the American financial system. The remarks were picked up by the C-SPAN feed of the event.

Mr. Obama revealed his plastic problems while signing an executive order the White House says will make the federal payments system safer, making a plea for more banks and retailers to adopt enhanced security measure to protect consumers from fraud and identity theft.

It’s not the first time that Mr. Obama’s credit card has been caught up in the national debate over financial security. The president reportedly holds a JPMorgan credit card, and the New York banking giant was the victim of a massive hacker cyberattack that compromised an estimated 76 million cardholder accounts.

JPMorgan officials declined to say whether the president’s credit card was affected.

Mr. Obama told CFPB employees he was bailed out and able to settle his restaurant tab with another credit card.

“Fortunately, Michelle had hers,” Mr. Obama said.

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Gay marriage wouldn’t bring new spending to ND

That’s because everyone else would have less money to spend. Angry

FARGO – Legalizing same-sex marriage in North Dakota would generate an estimated $1.9 million in additional spending over three years, the smallest bump in spending that legal gay marriage would produce in any state, according to a recent study.

The new spending expected would pale in comparison to the economic jolt predicted in larger states, the study by researchers at the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles shows.

For instance, Ohio, with a population of 11.5 million people, would see $70.8 million in new spending in its first three years of same-sex marriage. In Michigan, a state with 9.9 million people, the first three years would mean $53.2 million in additional spending.

But North Dakota would also see a slighter increase in spending than states just as conservative and sparse, the study found.

“The reason the impact is lower in North Dakota than other states is primarily because there are fewer same-sex couples there,” said Christy Mallory, one of the study’s authors.

According to a 2012 Gallup surveys, only 1.7 percent of adults in North Dakota identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

In neighboring South Dakota, the institute estimated $2.4 million in new spending. In Wyoming, a state with a smaller population than North Dakota, the estimate was $2.4 million. Alaska, with only about 12,000 more people, could expect to see $8 million in spending on same-sex marriage. U.S Supreme Court inaction recently upheld a ruling that legalized same-sex marriages in Alaska.

North Dakota is one of a handful of states that has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, though court rulings and new state laws are making legalization increasingly more common.

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MSUM gives sorority three years of probation

Mean girls! Cry

MSUM gives sorority three years of probation for bullying

MOORHEAD – A sorority at Minnesota State University Moorhead will be on probation for three years and was ordered to review its policies and procedures after a university panel found its members engaged in bullying behavior.

Sheridan Tihista, 22, of Fargo, leveled bullying allegations against the MSUM chapter of Gamma Phi Beta in August, claiming that her defense of a freshman sorority member caused other sorority sisters to turn on her.

Tihista was the 2013 Miss Montana and is a senior at MSUM. She joined the sorority in 2011.

The Student Organization Advisory Committee, which includes students and faculty, conducted a weeks-long review and recommended the sanctions. Steve Fox, the interim director of leadership and organizations at MSUM, wrote a letter to the Gamma Phi Beta chapter confirming the sanctions on Sept. 25.

The letter said: “Based on the preponderance of evidence, SOAC believes there is a level of bullying and cyber bullying happening within the organization.”

The bullying was determined to be in violation of university conduct policies.

However, the committee decided the conduct that took place did not constitute hazing.

Tihista told The Forum in September that the bullying started after the freshmen girl she mentored sent out atweet one of the other girls didn’t like. After that tweet, the girl was disciplined by the sorority, but Tihista said she faced harassment. The freshman lived in the sorority house on 10th Street South.

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