Mapleton’s $7.2 million referendum fails

I hope taxpayers in Mapleton don’t receive a “leafy spurge” from state media for this on Monday. 

MAPLETON, N.D. — It will be a few weeks before Mapleton School District officials decide their next course of action in the wake of Wednesday’s defeat of a $7.2 million school bond referendum.

Both questions on the ballot failed, Business Manager Kenneth Steiner said Thursday.

On the first question, to approve issuing $7.2 million in bonds for a school, of the 317 votes cast, 160 votes or 50.5 percent, were for the issue and 157 votes or 49.5 percent against. It needed 60 percent voter approval to pass.

The second question asked voters to approve raising the district’s debt limit from 5 percent of taxable valuation up to 10 percent of taxable valuation. There were 149 votes, or 47 percent, for the measure and 166 votes, or 52.4 percent, against the measure. Two ballots were left blank.

Steiner said even if the first question had passed, the second question needed to pass, too, or the district would have been unable to sell all of the bonds needed to build a new school.

If the questions had both been approved, bonds would have been issued to finance construction of a new pre-kindergarten through grade eight school. That school would have replaced the 91-year-old building that now houses about 83 pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students.

Steiner said some voters felt they needed more information on the issues. He also heard complaints that the ballot language of the two questions was confusing, leaving some people uncomfortable voting yes.

Principal Tim Jacobson found some encouragement in the results.

“We’re obviously disappointed we didn’t get it. But we’re excited that more than 50 percent voted for it,” he said. “If we spend some time with the people and give them all of our options again, maybe we’ll have a different vote.”

Jacobson said the results will be discussed with the school board “so we won’t know anything for about three or four weeks.”

The district has about 200 students from kindergarten through grade 12, Jacobson said.

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Letter: Mountain lion story was very upsetting

Does Kurt know what mountain lions eat?

Letter: Mountain lion story was very upsetting

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Why Would A Network Not Respond To One Of Its Affiliates?

Something is fishy here.

LEAFY SPURGE: A double spurge, in fact, to Craig Cobb of Antler, N.D., and ABC’s “Nightline” for their antics in the television show’s attempt to interview the white supremacist. “Nightline” sent a black reporter to interview Cobb. For his part, Cobb stayed right in character, refusing to talk with a black reporter. For their part, “Nightline” producers might have been baiting Cobb in order to make their broadcast more sensational. Hard to know because the show’s producers did not respond to Forum inquiries about the scuttled interview. Cobb’s conduct and philosophy confirm he’s an ignorant racist. “Nightline’s” strategy suggests the show was more interested in provoking Cobb than getting an interview with him. In any case, there are no losers in all this. Few people are interested in hearing anything more from Cobb.

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Will Jim Shaw Give His Land Back?

Shouldn’t it be returned to “its rightful owners?”  

  • The Fargo City Commission should dump Columbus Day as a city holiday. For that matter, it should be abolished as a federal holiday. Christopher Columbus and his followers committed atrocities. They murdered, raped, tortured and enslaved thousands of people. Why is this man being honored?

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Hillary Clinton promises curbs on drug prices

Why not make drugs free for everyone? The Clintons have enough money to pay for it.  



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Letter: The right decision by Sen. Heitkamp

Sarah Coen-Tuff neglected to mention she is an intern of Sen. Heitkamp. 

Letter: The right decision by Sen. Heitkamp

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Jim Shaw: RedHawks flying under cloud

How does Jim plan on paying for his old age? 

My broker says buying stocks is “investing.” I say it’s more like legalized gambling.

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Letter: Gated communities are about disdain, fear

Does Paul lock his doors and windows at night? 

Letter: Gated communities are about disdain, fear

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Forum editorial: Celebrate our new Americans

Like we did with these guys; how did that work out? 


Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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New DNA evidence links teen in West Acres assault, kidnapping attempt to unsolved 2013 rape

Yet, these two letter writers want more of this. 


I  have to write a response to the letter by Tim Stallman on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

I am always struck by the bigotry involved in the resettlement of refugees into our community. I have met many of these new Americans who are coming into our community to find the American dream of safety for their families, of steady work to provide for their families, and the making of a better life. Do we as a community not value these same dreams for all of our citizens?

Of course there are challenges as we encounter cultures that are different from the majority, but that brings about a richness of diversity that I cherish for our community. There is no conspiracy to bring in more refugees.

Looking at the history of Lutheran Social Services, this is the normal number who come here on a regular basis per year. I believe that we should remember that our communities, both large and small, in North Dakota were settled by immigrants who were coming to America for the same reasons as the current refugees.

Let us welcome them, not malign them. Let us celebrate that we have a community ready to embrace diversity.

Letter: Disgusting that The Forum published a ‘hate’ article

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