Dairy Queen worker at West Acres accused of dealing cocaine at mall

Is she the “snow queen?”  Huh


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Letter: High court ruling a truly sad day

How much of his government benefits is David willing to sacrifice to bring about the country he seems to want? Aren’t hunting and fishing both forms of “exploitation?” Huh

Published April 14, 2014, 10:23 PM
Letter: High court ruling a truly sad day
By: David L. Johnson, Forman, N.D.
What about the April 2 Supreme Court ruling might cause someone like me to despair? If our children are to have any hope for the future, Earth is a ticking time bomb – and time is running out. Faced with problems such as population (perhaps the most important), pollution and mass species extinctions, if we are going to combat these problems, time is the enemy.

The ruling, allowing vast amounts of money to enter the political process, throws up all kinds of delays. People with money – whose wealth depends on exploiting the earth’s resources, people’s labor and life on Earth, will prime the coffers of legislators to defeat any effort to slow the burning fuse.

And the victims of this will be our children and our children’s children. By the time my great-grandchildren (I have four) are adults, public lands will likely be gone.

They may never know of elephants, meadowlarks, monarch butterflies or lightning bugs other than what we know about passenger pigeons, plains grizzlies and ivory-billed woodpeckers. They may never know the joys of fishing or hunting or any of those outdoor activities that have meant so much for so many ever since man stood upright.

It truly was a sad day.

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Shaffer: Fighting the gender wage gap

What about the gap between my income and that of Miley Cyrus’? Roll Eyes

Published April 12, 2014, 09:59 PM
Shaffer: Fighting the gender wage gap
By: Heidi Shaffer
Women got their yearly reminder this week of how far we still have to go in the workplace as the world celebrated Equal Pay Day.Each April, we’re bombarded with the humbling data that we still make far less than our male counterparts for doing the same work.

For example, in North Dakota, a woman makes 74 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing the same work. In Minnesota, the wage gap narrows slightly with women making 80 cents to men’s dollar.

Putting that into perspective, a North Dakota woman earns just $44,400 for a position in which a man would make $60,000. That’s more than $15,000 a year that isn’t getting into retirement funds or going toward house payments. It’s a difference that sets back many households – especially those run by a single mother – for a lifetime.

And for minority women, this chasm exponentially widens.

The last time I wrote about this issue, I received a few emails from male readers who pointed to some reasons for the gender wage gap that they say aren’t reported often enough.

One reader wrote that the numbers are skewed because women take more time off during their careers to have children and for other family issues.

While many women do take breaks for these reasons, it’s not the reason for the difference in pay.

It starts at the national level. President Barack Obama signed two executive actions on Tuesday aimed at increasing transparency in women’s pay.

Employers also have a significant role in how they support all of their workers through eliminating wage disparities from the start, creating family-leave policies and offering child care support.

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Austin Culp Is Going To Make Cindy Gomez Cry!

Cindy Azucena Yabadabbado Gomez-Schempp will scream “Racism” when she reads Austin’s letter-to-the-editor today! Shocked

Published April 12, 2014, 11:17 PM
Letter: Since when does ‘sensitivity’ negate right of free speech?
By: Austin Culp, Fargo
The University of North Dakota’s Gamma Phi Beta sorority (Forum, April 8) did something almost unthinkable and very insensitive; they hung up a banner saying “You can take away our mascot but you can’t take away our pride.” Wow, does it get any worse than that? What sorts of evil lies in the heart of man, or woman in this case?

The insensitivity of that impertinent sorority is mindboggling and beyond the pale. Fortunately though, the thought control police at UND have got things under control and are probably already prepared to enter into a brainwashing and

re-education operation which should get most of these evildoers thinking properly.

Unfortunately that sorority may be just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what insensitive thoughts are floating around in all sorts of heads, both on and off college campuses throughout North Dakota and perhaps the nation? Oh, the work of liberal theologians is never done.

How did we get to this point? It’s simple. We have been fed this pap for decades, one mouthful at a time. Anti-discrimination laws and hate crime laws, de facto and illegal reverse discrimination and who knows what else. They are all designed to do one thing, take away our liberty while instilling a feeling of entitlement into the minds of some.

Since when does something as trifling as sensitivity trump freedom of speech? Oh, but we have to be respectful, especially of certain groups. UND President Robert Kelley talks about sensitivity when he should be pointing out that there is room for disagreement on a college campus.

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State Media’s “War on Women”

Poor April! Cry

Published April 10, 2014, 10:31 PM
Forum editorial: A glowing ND report from Pew
Anyone familiar with the operation of the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office will not be surprised by the glowing report about the state’s election system from the respected Pew Charitable Trusts. For the third time, North Dakota ranked first (this time for the 2012 election) in Pew’s Elections Performance Index, which looks at 17 indicators of election efficiency and voter access. Minnesota and Wisconsin elections ranked second and third.Secretary of State Al Jaeger runs a good shop. Elections are the primary focus of his office, and throughout his tenure, he and his veteran staff have made steady improvements for the benefit of voters and local election officials. The process in North Dakota is recognized as the most voter-friendly in the nation. Consistently high voter turnout is one result. Another is timely adoption of new technology. Yet another is an almost non-existent level of voter fraud.That record has been noticed in other states, and Jaeger often finds himself giving tutorials on how to do it right to election officials all over the nation.But, since secretary of state is an elected political office, it’s a guarantee that Jaeger’s political opponents will try to find fault with his performance. For example, in her first shot across the political bow, endorsed Democratic candidate for secretary of state, April Fairfield, said Jaeger and his staff were incompetent. First, the record confirms her ham-handed characterization is not true. Second, in the unlikely prospect the former legislator wins in November, her sentiments about the professional staff in Jaeger’s office suggest she’d have to fire all of them.

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Heitkamp Conflates “Wage” with “Salary”

Does she know the difference? Why is she so cheap? Why not make “the minimum wage” $1000/hr.?  Roll Eyes

Published April 10, 2014, 10:22 PM
Letter: Senator is co-sponsor of bill to raise the minimum wage
By: Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
An April 7 letter to The Forum misstated my position on raising the minimum wage. I’m a strong co-sponsor of a bill to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour.Raising the minimum wage is about supporting our hard-working families and their children. And by helping them get more resources to support themselves, it also puts more money back in the economy as families spend on rent, food and gas.This little bit of money will make a huge impact on the many working families who are just trying to put food on the table, afford to keep a roof over their heads or pay medical bills. More than 60,000 North Dakotans would get a raise of about $1,200 per year, which would also impact 22,000 North Dakota children who would have at least one parent getting a better salary.

According to the NDSU Extension Service, the cost of living for a single mother with two children in North Dakota is more than $43,000 a year, which means she would have to earn more than $20 an hour to make-ends-meet. That is nearly triple the current minimum wage.

Additionally, nearly 90 percent of minimum wage workers are 20 years or older, with the average at 35 years old. And almost two-thirds of all workers paid the minimum wage or less are women. Avoiding raising the minimum wage hurts families who could use a full salary.

It’s been more than four years since we last raised the minimum wage. Let’s give the many North Dakotans who work hard every day at jobs where they often don’t make enough to get by the better salary they deserve.

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Mickey Rooney’s estate was worth $18,000

Women are expensive. Cry

A battle over Mickey Rooney’s body went public Tuesday as his lawyers filed a will that revealed the star left an estate of only $18,000.
Rooney disinherited his estranged wife of 35 years, Jan — the last of his eight spouses — and left the surprisingly modest estate to a stepson who had become his caretaker.
A lawyer for his estate rushed to court Tuesday morning asking for an emergency order barring Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles from releasing his remains to Jan Rooney, court paperwork obtained by the Daily News revealed.
The lawyers said Janice and her biological son Chris Aber — whom Mickey sued in 2011 for alleged mistreatment — were “attempting to remove” the actor’s remains from Forest Lawn “against the decedent’s express wishes.”
The judge set a hearing for Friday and ordered Forest Lawn to keep the superstar’s body under lock and key in the meantime.
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Richmond Police Chief Shames Sex Workers With Tweet

He shouldn’t try comedy at homeRoll Eyes


Today in inappropriate tweets, sassy Richmond police chief, Chris Magnus, tweeted—then later deleted—a comedic bit that landed with a thud. Luckily, SFist grabbed it before it went away. Ahem: “4 Johns & 3 prostitutes arrested in area of S 2dn & Ohio yesterday. Yes, it sounds made up, but one was named Velvet, another Destiny.”
Oh, Christopher. Less tweeting, more focus on actual crime.
Magnus is a saucy one on Twitter, one who would like to “publicly shame” alleged customers of sex workers. This, as SFist told you a month ago, is no secret. Now, it seems, he’s coming after sex workers. Whether making remarks like “loose pants expose crack” (about drugs allegedly found on an arrestee) and taking a shot at an 61-year-old sex worker, no one is safe from his ostensibly witty barbs. Odd, though, that he pulled this one after it went live.
SFist reached out to Magnus for comment. We’ll update as soon as we hear back.
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North Dakota Democrats endorse love for everyone

Jed is a poly-sci major and wants to be an “organizer.” There are no stereotypes here!  Roll Eyes


Published April 07, 2014, 05:42 AM
Letter: North Dakota Democrats endorse love for everyone
By: Jed Hanson, Grand Forks
Recently, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party gathered in Fargo for their 2014 convention. The party nominated a competitive group of candidates and highlighted the importance of youth to North Dakota.I had the privilege of standing on stage with members of New Generation North Dakota as Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., spoke. I nearly came to tears as my senator spoke in support of the freedom to love.As an LGBT North Dakotan, it pains me to know that someday I may be denied a job, housing or the right to marry the person I love in the state I love. I’ve called North Dakota my home all of my life, and I want it to be for many years to come. I’d like to thank North Dakota Democrats for endorsing marriage equality in their 2014 party platform.
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Letter: North Dakota senator opposes minimum wage?

Why not $100 an hour? Why is Lloyd so cheap? Huh

How much of his government benefits is he willing to forgo to make his vision happen? 

Published April 07, 2014, 04:43 AM
Letter: North Dakota senator opposes minimum wage?
By: Lloyd Ptacek, Oakes, N.D.
I can’t believe that our new senator from North Dakota, whom I voted for, is opposed to the proposed legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.Can this be right?
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