Letter: Drones should be grounded now

Terry doesn’t like to share. Angry

Letter: Drones should be grounded now
By Terry Guttormson from Hendrum, Minn. on Nov 20, 2014 at 11:31 p.m.

Regulation of drones in the U.S. is lagging. No license, training or registration required to operate a drone. Drones are cheap enough so anyone can buy one. I imagine our homegrown terrorists have been figuring out what to do with them in our airspace.

Airline pilots have started to see drones at 3,000 feet as they approach or depart from runways. How long before a drone is sucked up into a jet engine?

As a private pilot and occasional commercial jet rider, I would like to see drones grounded.

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Fargo’s Police Chief expected to resign

The carpet bagging media hound couldn’t resist weighing in.  Roll Eyes

For 6½ years, I had the privilege of leading the Fargo Police Department. I left the department and the community in 2006 to become police chief in Richmond, Calif., but I have many excellent memories of Fargo. It is a city that I will always love, especially because of the many outstanding friends I made and terrific folks I worked with.

When I left, I was glad to see Keith Ternes selected as the new police chief. Ternes worked as part of my management team. He often came across as quiet and low-key, but I found him to be thoughtful, caring, committed to community policing, and highly professional in his approach to problem-solving.

I was very sorry to see Chief Ternes retire a short time ago with accusations of “poor morale” swirling around him like some sort of toxic cloud. I’ve always found it interesting that personnel in any police agency who are held accountable for bad behavior, poor performance, or resistance to change seem to have a common refrain: “Morale has never been this bad. Someone should do something to improve morale.”

Of course, these same individuals never look at their own work ethic, decision-making, or choices as a cause of their morale being less than what it could be. Instead, “bad morale” is usually about the chief, “poor communication from police administration,” or the supposedly “unfair” consequences they had to face for their own misconduct.

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Jane Ahlin: So much for ‘a rising tide’

Saint Jane is worried about “inequality.” How much would a normal person have to save to generate the same stream of income Jane enjoys from her lavish pensions? Angry

Wage disparity between CEOs and workers didn’t figure into this last election. Neither did poverty or stagnant wages.  Of course, when the stock market is way up and gas prices are way down – as was true for this election – such subjects are unlikely to arise.  In a good economy, Americans are usually happy with their lot in life.

There’s the rub: Americans aren’t happy.  At election time, folks were downright gloomy.  They just weren’t sure why.

In the election, President Barack Obama got spanked as the chief bad guy, and yet, nobody likes the obstructionist Republicans, either.  Expectations for the next two years could not be lower, and although voters detesting all politicians is not a new phenomenon, an underlying sense of hopelessness in the face of positive economic indicators is. So what’s going on? With a bow to the late, irrepressible and irreverent Joan Rivers: Can we talk?

Can we talk about the one-sided nature of the economic recovery and the fact that lower and middle-class income earners haven’t seen their wages increase significantly in the past 40 years?  Can we talk about a disconnect between the way we understand the economy and its reality for our lives? Can we talk about the burden a shrinking middle class becomes for a democracy?

Begin with a recent survey of Americans on the subject of wage disparity between CEOs and workers done by the AFL-CIO, Hargreaves, and Mishel & Sabish and reported by Les Leopold for Alternet and Salon.   “Strong Democrats” guessed the current ratio as $36 of CEO pay to $1 of worker pay; “strong Republicans” guessed it as 40 to 1.  When asked what it ought to be, Democrats said 5 to 1 and Republicans said 12 to 1.

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LETTER: Voter ID law caused ‘many problems’ for students

Paige thinks there is a “right to vote.” Roll Eyes

LETTER: Voter ID law caused ‘many problems’ for students
By Paige Blanchard from Grand Forks

I was always taught that voting is a right, not a privilege. That didn’t seem to be true in North Dakota on Election Day this year.

The specifications made by the secretary of state on the Voter ID laws passed by the Legislature robbed students of their fundamental right to vote.

Any student at a North Dakota university living on campus and voting in that precinct needs a Student Identification Certificate to vote. This certificate has their name, local address and permanent address. The university is responsible for updating the addresses of students living on campus. If a student lives off campus, he or she is responsible for updating that address 30 days prior to the election; this year, that was Oct. 5.

Maybe if students were notified of all these requirements, it would have been “easy as pie” to cast their ballots; but from what I saw, pie was not on the menu Nov. 4.

I was at a polling place for more than four hours helping students vote on Election Day, and I witnessed many problems. Many students were not aware of the necessary Student ID Certificate. The secretary of state supplied campuses with a less-than-serious flier telling students, “Voting is easy as pie!” But this flier did not tell students how to get a student certificate, where one could be found, or most important, when they had to have their addresses updated by.

In fact, there was no mention of any deadline at all.

Because of this, dozens of students were turned away from the polls.

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“ND Republicans really lost ground”

Eric is a UND pointy head and NPL operative. Roll Eyes

ND Republicans really lost ground
By Eric Burin
Grand Forks
North Dakota Democrats did better than you think in the recent election.
First, consider the larger context in which the election occurred. Nationally, Republicans picked up at least seven Senate seats, several governor’s mansions, and more than 300 state legislative spots. Yet North Dakota Democrats stemmed the tide.
For starters, all of the North Dakota Republicans’ signature ballot measures were voted down.
Unfortunately for the Democrats, the moderate Republicans who voted against these measures often voted for the Republican lawmakers who put the measures on the ballot in the first place. By these means, the Republicans retained their supermajority in the state House and Senate.
Nevertheless, a closer look at the state legislative races suggests that the Democrats more than held their own. While Republicans in other states were overrunning statehouses, North Dakota Democrats actually picked up a state Senate seat. Along the way, they ousted two high-profile Republicans, Margaret Sitte and Bette Grande. And thanks to Democratic victories, there will be more female state lawmakers than ever.
It is true that Republicans won all of the statewide races handily. But, collectively, they fared worse than they did four years ago. Put another way, while their counterparts elsewhere were rolling over the competition, North Dakota’s Republicans, with far more money at their disposal than their opponents, lost ground in statewide races.
Obviously, the North Dakota Democrats still have a long way to go. Even so, their latent sense of accomplishment helps explain why following the election, they were not sullen, but already looking forward to 2016. As Congressman John Lewis said after the election, “This is not a struggle of a week, a month, or a year. It is the struggle of a lifetime.”
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Candy Snaps

I suspect they bring back Patty’s family of origin issues.  Shocked

Patty says:
February 3, 2014 at 7:33 pm
Yuck! I’ve been a lover of Snaps since —well– 50 years! My friends and Quote:

I lovingly called them “soap candy”

due to the indescribable flavor they had–we all LOVE them!! What have you done? They’re mushy, have too much coating, and the coating is just, well, just sweet. Not the taste that we loved. It’s a completely new taste that I don’t like. I’ll have to find a new favorite. Too bad.

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Suspect in Moorhead crash that critically injured woman only remembers a kiss

No way, Jose! Shocked Roll Eyes

MOORHEAD – A driver accused of being drunk in a hit-and-run accident here on Monday night told police he didn’t recall the incident beyond when his female passenger – who was badly injured in the crash – kissed him and passed out.

Jose Amador Molina, 33, of Moorhead, faces several felony charges linked to the incident.

When police caught up to Molina about 8:36 p.m. Monday, he was lying in the road on his stomach behind his parked car several blocks away from the scene of the crash on Belsly Boulevard, court documents filed Wednesday in Clay County District Court state.

A caller reported to police that a small white passenger car struck a parked flatbed truck hard enough to leave its front license plate at the scene.

When police interviewed Molina, he told them he didn’t know what took place. He remembered only that his female passenger had leaned over to kiss him before she passed out, according to court documents.

The license plate at the scene matched the one on the car, which bore extensive damage, including a missing front tire. It appeared the car was driven on the rim for some distance, court documents state.

Both front airbags were deployed in the car and covered in blood. An unconscious woman with severe head and facial injuries was sitting in the driver’s seat behind the steering wheel.

However, it appeared from the condition of the car that the person who was sitting in the passenger seat would have been the more severely injured of the two, police state in the court complaint.

Molina bore only minor cuts and scrapes to his face and smelled of alcohol, police state in court records.

The woman is hospitalized in critical condition, but may survive, court documents state.

The complaint against Molina states he was wanted for arrest on a prior charge of first-degree driving under the influence.

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Letter: Logic, facts fail when voters buy into the lies

Roger’s dauber is down. Cry

Letter: Logic, facts fail when voters buy into the lies
By Roger Haglund from Moorhead on Nov 12, 2014 at 11:37 p.m.

A recent article by Eric Alterman was titled “What are They Thinking?” It questioned why well-to-do people who have prospered more under President Barack Obama than they did under President Ronald Reagan (their idol) still gave most of their campaign money to Republicans. Their investments in stock have returned 220 percent in the 67 months of Obama’s presidency while only rising 190 percent during a comparable period under Reagan.

The Forum’s political cartoon on Nov. 7 implies the same question about working-class voters. The voter is pictured asking the Republican, “What are you going to do about jobs, Iraq, ISIS, immigration and tax reform, crumbling infrastructure, stagnant wages, etc.” To every voter concern the only solution offered by Republicans is “Hate Obama” and “Impeach Obama,” and yet voters gave this do-nothing party control of the Senate and added to their majority in the House. Why?

Apparently the Republican plan hatched on the evening of Obama’s inauguration in 2009 is working. Republican strategist Frank Luntz invited select House Republicans to a meeting to create a plan to re-establish Republican power after the debacle of the Bush presidency. The senior GOP members worked out a plan to continuously block anything that Obama proposed so nothing would be accomplished during his presidency. Then, when voters became angry and frustrated with Washington, they would mount a massive media smear campaign to blame the president for doing nothing to deal with America’s problems. The negative campaign would also extend to all other Democratic officeholders. Their plan succeeded in retaking the House in 2010 and now the Senate in 2014.

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Chief Pat Claus announces retirement

He is retiring at age 50. Haven’t we always been told these people are underpaid?  Huh

FARGO – Deputy Chief Pat Claus has announced that he is retiring from the Fargo Police Department, Lt. Joel Vettel said today.

Claus, 50, has been with the department for 24 1/2 years. He currently leads the patrol division, and before that, he was in charge of the investigations unit.

Claus, who’s been eligible for retirement for about a year, said he’s leaving to take a job with a local nonprofit group, but he declined to say which group.

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Inmate accused of ‘packing’ drugs

Poor Chili! Cry


FARGO – A woman accused of “packing” drugs into the Cass County Jail was sentenced Monday in Cass County District Court to 20 years in prison with credit for four months and 18 days for dealing methamphetamines.

Chili Carlene Musselman, 51, of Glyndon, Minn., was found guilty Oct. 8 by a Cass County jury on one count of possession of methamphetamines with intent to deliver, a Class A felony.

Musselman has pleaded not guilty to separate charges of being in an inmate on possession of a controlled substance, a Class B felony.

In those charges, prosecutors allege Musselman was discovered to be hiding a plastic container of pills on her person when she was asked to remove her clothing in the jail.

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