Attempted murder in north Moorhead

Bush and Bold have issues. Roll Eyes

MOORHEAD – Police have arrested a man accused of attempted murder in the stabbing of another man Thursday morning in north Moorhead, according to police.
Brandon Christopher Bush, 29, allegedly went to his ex-girlfriend’s home at 9 King St., found 31-year-old Richard Bold in bed sleeping and stabbed him with a knife, police said.

Police said Bold and Bush’s ex-girlfriend managed to convince Bush to stop the attack, and then for a considerable time, Bush refused to let them leave the home.  Bush did not leave until several hours later, police said.

About 5 a.m., Moorhead police were sent to the Sanford Health emergency room in Fargo where Bold was being treated for knife wounds. He identified his attacker as Bush, his female friend’s ex-boyfriend, police said.

About 11 a.m., officers found Bush, who doesn’t have a permanent address, at the Grand Inn Motel in south Moorhead. He was booked into the Clay County Jail.

Prosecutors are expected to charge Bush with attempted murder and possibly other charges, police said.

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Forum editorial: Put the kibosh on ‘fishing’

Poor Jim Kasper; how dare he burden big education by asking questions and representing taxpayers.  Roll Eyes

Recently, Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Fargo, an ax-wielding opponent of the Common Core education standards, submitted 26 records requests of state education officials, seeking all communications between private, federal and state entities for a period of almost six years. A public information officer said it would take a big panel truck to carry the industrial load of paper the request would have generated.

Kasper pared down his request, but his intrusive and ill-considered maneuver was enough for some of his legislative colleagues to call a halt to the practice. A bill was introduced that would bar legislators from making anonymous public record requests. The measure also would cap at $5,000 the amount any single legislator could rack up in records request costs during a biennium. To spend more, the lawmaker would have to find another source of money or persuade leaders the information is worth the time and expense.

To be perfectly clear, we vigorously support the public’s right to information through open records and open meetings laws. The reform bill – backed by legislative leaders – properly seeks to prevent rogue “witch hunts” and prevent anonymous, ax-grinding information quests at taxpayers’ expense. Lawmakers shouldn’t be given preferential treatment when asking for truckloads of information through indiscriminate requests. Members should end the practice and support the bill to impose reasonable restraints.

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State of the Union Speech

How many times did he use the nebulous word “fair?” Huh

Obama calls for civility, then immediately taunts Republicans over his two presidential wins

Roll Eyes

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Fargo School Board delays vote To Raise Pay

Oh, the humanity! Cry Of course, Dinah “Forward!” Goldenberg, voted for this money grab. Angry

FARGO – Fargo School Board members narrowly defeated a proposal Tuesday to raise their pay to $1,250 a month, but will study the issue in committee and bring it back for reconsideration in early March.
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Nude models provide the pinnacle of art learning

There are going to be letters! Shocked

FARGO – It’s a chilly Sunday afternoon in the newly renovated space above Ecce Gallery in downtown Fargo. Soft piano music plays as five artists methodically paint and draw on easels, their hands and arms tracing loops or making quick shading movements.

After a few quiet minutes, their subject, model Sabrina Hornung, steps out of the scant east-window light, over a small space heater, and slips on a robe. Up until this point, she had been completely nude, so both the heater and the robe come in handy.

As Hornung walks around to the easels of each of the artists, she remarks how delightful it is to see herself interpreted by so many artists. There aren’t many situations in which people get nude in front of strangers, but Hornung illustrates the point that this kind of nudity has little to do with the rest. Rather, it’s serious business for artists and a way for models to lend a hand in their skill development.

What’s it like?

Jessica Lindstrom, a junior in evolutionary biology and ecology at Minnesota State University Moorhead, modeled nude for figure drawing classes and an independent art group last fall. She heard about the job through an art major roommate and applied because, she says, she’s not body shy.

“Maybe because I’m a bio major,” she adds.

She was hired and paid $15 an hour to model two days a week. Although she had some jitters about the nudity the first time, that feeling was soon replaced by the difficult task of learning and maintaining poses.

“It requires a lot of strength. Your body isn’t used to standing in the same manner for that long,” Lindstrom says. “I would hold a certain pose, depending on what the teachers wanted, for about 25-30 minutes, take a five-minute break, then hold it again for another 25-30 minutes.”

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Greg Plitt Fatally Struck by Train

He led a healthy lifestyle, yet still wound up getting killed by a train. Cry F=MA; it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!

Fitness expert and reality TV star Greg Plitt was struck and killed by a Metrolink train in Burbank, California, on Saturday. He was 37.Police confirmed to NBC Los Angeles that Plitt was struck at 4:05 p.m. on the tracks at Front Street, just north of the Burbank Metrolink Station.

Sgt. Scott Meadows from the Burbank Police Department told PEOPLE that the death “appears to be an accident.”

“It does not appear to be a suicide,” he continued. “A camera was seized as evidence but it’s unclear who it belongs to – the victim or a witness. From the sound of it, he was filming something, but I can tell you that no filming permit had been issued.”

Plitt was a renowned fitness expert and appeared on Bravo’s Work Out and Friends to Lovers, which premiered last Monday.

A Bravo spokesperson told PEOPLE: “This is a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with Greg’s family and friends.”

Andy Cohen reacted to the news of Plitt’s death on Sunday, writing on Twitter: “We couldn’t take our eyes off Greg Plitt after we cast him on Work Out – was as nice as he was beautiful.”

“Seemed invincible, like Superman,” Cohen added.

Before he became a fitness guru, Plitt worked as a U.S. Army Ranger after graduating from West Point in 2000.

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State Media Conflates Education and Indoctrination

Poor Jim Kasper.  Cry Woe to anyone who shines a light on the intentions of the education cabal in this state. Angry

Rep. Jim Kasper’s proposal to force North Dakota to scrap Common Core standards is ideological claptrap masquerading as education reform. The Fargo Republican has swallowed whole an anti-education manifesto peddled by a well-funded out-of-state cabal that could care less about North Dakota’s public schools. He’s happily become the lead mouthpiece of an insulting and dishonest campaign against North Dakota’s best educators and local curriculum developers. By inference and association, he has devalued the work of classroom teachers and school boards, and has dismissed the learning priorities of students and parents.

And why? Because he believes new education standards, which were developed by North Dakotans for North Dakotans, are part of a President Barack Obama-led plot to take over public schools. When pressed on how he knows what he says he knows, his answer is: “Well, some of us know what the truth is, but we’re trying to get it to the light of day.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Kasper comes off as being just shy of membership in the tin foil hat club. You know the script: The truth is out there … (Cue up spooky music.)

This is serious business. It’s about the future of North Dakota public education in a demanding labor market. It’s about the state’s standing in education achievement. It’s about preparing young people for a world, which, despite what Kasper and his ilk seem to believe, does not end at the state line.

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Pantless man with samurai sword


ALEXANDRIA, Minn. – When Alexandria police responded to a call about a fight at a local business Wednesday, they found an employee holding a male to the ground who was wearing nothing but a button-up shirt, shoes, and carrying a samurai sword in a sheath.

Witnesses at the scene said the man threatened to kill a store employee and was somewhat disgruntled, but he never brandished the sword in a threatening manner.

The employee held the man down until the police, who originally thought it was only going to a simple break up of a fight, arrived.

The suspect is in custody and formal charges are pending.

Was it this guy? Huh

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The State Education Cabal Likes “Free Tuition”

It’s just more money in the already bloated educrats’ credit union accounts. Angry

College administrators give Obama’s free-tuition proposal thumbs upFARGO – College administrators gave a warm reception to President Barack Obama’s proposal to provide free tuition for community college students who meet an academic performance standard.

The proposal, yet to be outlined in detail, is modeled after a Tennessee tuition program. To take effect, it would require approval from Congress and states, so administrators were cautious about its prospects.

“We don’t have all the details,” said David L. Clark, interim president of Bismarck State College. “Obviously, Congress would need to support it. At the state level, our Legislature would need to support it as well.”

So far in North Dakota, Clark is unaware of any discussion of providing free tuition for qualifying two-year college students.

But the North Dakota Legislature is considering a recommendation to freeze tuition once again for two-year college students.

Enrollment at North Dakota’s two-year public colleges totals more than 10,000 at five campuses around the state.

That enrollment figure is expected to grow with North Dakota’s continuing population growth and workforce demands, said Clark and John Richman, president of North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton.

It’s nice to have the president’s recognition of the contributions two-year colleges provide to higher education and society, Richman said.

“I think it’s a great way to start the conversation,” he said. “It’s a long conversation,” he added, though he noted that multiple studies have documented the contributions of two-year colleges.

Tuition at NDSCS runs $4,438 a year.

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MSUM Buyouts

Since the buyouts will only provide a long-term savings of about $4 million, philosophy professor Phil Mouch asked whether MSUM would go through a similar process next year.

“Why aren’t we planning for an $8 million problem,” he said. “I want to see an end to this.”

The buyout offers will exhaust the university’s extra cash, Mahoney said, although a MnSCU-mandated emergency reserve fund of about $5.2 million would remain intact.

Phil should find honest work in a philosophy store. Roll Eyes

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