West Fargo cop resigns amid sexual harassment

Who offers a tour of an apartment? Huh

According to Gonzalez:

He went to the woman’s apartment to see if she wanted to have lunch with him. She told him her lunch break was almost over and that she needed to go back to work.

She then asked if he wanted a tour of her apartment. During the tour, they started kissing and rubbing against each other. He touched one of her breasts over her clothing and asked to see her breasts.

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Letter: Anti-Obama fanatacism illogical and ill-informed

Mark confuses causation with correlation. Roll Eyes

Letter: Anti-Obama fanatacism illogical and ill-informed
By Mark Fraase from West Fargo
My social media feed is packed with anti-Obama memes. So, I looked at the stock market. It’s up nearly double from before he took office. I looked at unemployment, and it’s down to numbers well below when he took office. I looked at consumer confidence, our GDP and our trade deficit. All improved from when he took office. We have exited, for the most part, two wars that were pretty much stalled. Are things perfect? No.

Are they better than they were six years ago? Absolutely. By every measure imaginable. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but we aren’t entitled to our own facts.

I recently talked to a person who is well-educated, and conservative to his core. I respect him. He started talking about Obamacare and how those insurance plans were “trash” that won’t cover a damn thing. Well, I recently transitioned from one job to another and lost health insurance. So, I looked at healthcare.gov. Guess what I found. I found the exact same plan that I had. A “Cadillac” of plans and the sticker price was $200 per month cheaper than I got it through my employer. On top of that, based on my financials, I was eligible for a $200 rebate that I could use to decrease my monthly cost or deduct from my taxes. The exact same plan for $400 per month less than what BCBS was charging me previously.

Why, oh why, is this such a terrible thing? Increased competition! Conservatives should love it! It is a Republican idea after all, but people hate it with a passion (mostly because they have no idea what it is). That got me wondering. Why such vitriol? Is it because we are so divided politically that we’re to the point of no return, or is there something about this particular president?

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Former Fargo police chief joins protest

Is he protesting himself?  Huh

Former Fargo police chief joins protest against police violence
By Forum
RICHMOND, Calif. – The police chief here – who is the former police chief in Fargo – participated in a demonstration in Richmond against police violence Tuesday, according to various media reports.

In a photo circulating on social media, Chris Magnus, head of the Fargo Police Department from 1999 to 2006, holds a sign that says “#Black Lives Matter.”

The phrase is a common one at recent protests of police violence around the country sparked by cases in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City where officers weren’t indicted for their involvement in incidents that killed unarmed young black men.

Magnus joined a protest Tuesday afternoon involving about 100 people in Richmond, a city of about 100,000 people in the San Francisco Bay area, according to a report by the Oakland Tribune.

“I spoke with my command staff, and we agreed it would be nice to convey our commitment to peaceful protest and that black and brown lives do matter,” the Tribune quoted Magnus as saying after the protest. “And to help bridge the gap that we understand sometimes exists between police and community around certain issues.”

Magnus has gained acclaim for putting in place community-oriented policing practices in Richmond and was tapped by the U.S. Department of Justice to be part of a federal panel conducting a civil rights investigation of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

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His neck tatts helped to get the job for himself.  Roll Eyes

Dorian Johnson—the witness who originally told police that 18-year-old Ferguson, MO resident Mike Brown had his hands up and pled with then-Officer Darren Wilson “Don’t shoot”—snagged a temporary position, that pays around $8.50 an hour, working for the city of St. Louis, The St. Louis Dispatch reported.
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Fargo man reportedly uses some of robbery money to pay brother’s outstanding court fees

Yeah, you don’t want the man coming after your brother for non-payment of court fees. Roll Eyes
He doesn’t seem to have a problem paying for hair care products. 

FARGO – A Fargo man accused in a convenience store robbery told police he did it because he was behind on his bills and used some of the money to pay off his brother’s outstanding court fees, court documents state.
Court documents filed Friday in Cass County District Court state that Dejon Capri Fouther, 20, told police he and his brother had been staying with a friend and owed that friend money in the time leading up to the Oct. 15 robbery.He also told police he was struggling financially with vehicle repairs and insurance.He and another man, David Davon McAfee, 18, decided to rob the Casey’s General Store at 2701 S. University Drive near McAfee’s apartment, he told police.

The pair took McAfee’s BB gun to use in the Oct. 15 robbery. McAfee at one point tried to jump over the counter and fell. The pair then fled back to McAfee’s apartment after getting away with about $220 each.

Fouther told police he used $50 to pay his brother’s outstanding court fees, then put $50 worth of gas in their shared white Cadillac. He used some for food, but could not recall what he did with the rest, court documents state.

He and McAfee were charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit robbery, a Class A felony, and a warrant was issued for McAfee’s arrest.

Fouther’s next court appearance is set for Jan. 14.

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Berkeley, Calif., protest gets violent

What do the stoned slackers in Berkeley have to riot about? Huh

BERKELEY, Calif. — A peaceful protest in this university town Sunday night over police killings of black men was overtaken by a group vandalizing police cars and stores and briefly shutting a local highway.

It was the second consecutive night that protests over the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York and shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., turned violent.

A roaming crowd of 300-400 protesters moved between the Oakland border on Telegraph Avenue and downtown Berkeley, leaving California patrol cars and a string of stores damaged, according to California police and local reports. Media reports said eight people were arrested.

The downtown Berkeley BART station was also temporarily shut.

While an air of calm returned as the marchers headed back to the University of California-Berkeley campus, they left a trail of damage and confrontations — both with police and between the groups of protesters, one trying to prevent vandalism.

Police fired teargas at protesters after a group would not leave Highway 24, shutting off the artery between Berkeley and the eastern suburbs of Walnut Creek for 45 minutes.

Groups of protesters set trash cans on fire and lobbed objects at storefronts, looting some. Two of The Student Store’s windows were cracked, two bank fronts were vandalized and two cellphone carrier stores were damaged.

Other groups of protesters shouted at the violent groups to keep peaceful and keep walking. As the six-hour demonstration headed past the rows of college shops directly south of the campus, groups of protesters linked arms to keep out looters

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What a bummer!  Cry
Will Sen. Heidkamp be the next matron to be shown the door? Huh

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy has defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, denying her a fourth term and extending the GOP’s domination of the 2014 midterm elections that put Republicans in charge of Capitol Hill for the final two years of President Barack Obama’s tenure.

With Cassidy’s victory, Republicans will hold 54 seats when the Senate convenes in January, nine more than they have now. Republican victories in two Louisiana House districts Saturday – including the seat Cassidy now holds – ensure at least 246 seats, compared to 188 for Democrats, the largest GOP advantage since the Truman administration after World War II. An Arizona recount leaves one race still outstanding.

In Louisiana, early returns showed Cassidy with a wide lead.

Landrieu had narrowly led a Nov. 4 primary ballot that included eight candidates from all parties. But at 42 percent, she fell well below her marks in previous races and endured a one-month runoff campaign that Republicans dominated via the air waves while national Democrats financially abandoned her effort.

Landrieu’s defeat is a blow for one of Louisiana’s most famous political families, leaving her brother, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, to carry the banner.

The GOP sweep also denied former Gov. Edwin Edwards a political comeback; the colorful 87-year-old politician, who had served four terms as governor in the past, sought a return to public office after eight years in federal prison on corruption charges.

In the South, Democrats will be left without a single governor or U.S. senator across nine states stretching from the Carolinas to Texas. The House delegations from the same region are divided almost entirely by race, with white Republicans representing majority-white districts, while majority non-white districts are represented by black or Hispanic Democrats.

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Obama has a sore throat

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Obama was briefly hospitalized today with symptoms indicating a sore throat. At press time, he was expected to make a full recovery.

After a CT scan of the “inflamed tissue” this afternoon, doctors concluded the president has acid reflux. He will be “treated accordingly.”

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.


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Fargo store manager pulls handgun to chase off would-be robber

The bleeding hearts will have a fit about this. Grin

FARGO – Chance Morman carries a concealed gun everywhere but has never looked forward to the day he might have to use it.

That day came Saturday, when the manager at Meineke Car Care Center in south Fargo drew his handgun to chase away a robber who pretended to have a gun and demanded cash, police said.

“It’s just one of those things you prepare for,” said Morman, 22, a self-professed “gun nut.”

Morman and his fellow employees were in the back of the shop when the man entered the front lobby early Saturday afternoon and started acting suspiciously, police and Meineke employees said.

“So I walked up and I was like, ‘How can I help you, man?’ ” Morman recalled.

The man, who police believes is 32-year-old Eugene Fredrick Quinnett, responded by putting his hand under his shirt and pointing as if he had a weapon, Morman said.

“That’s when he said, ‘Give me all the money before I blow your [expletive] head off,’ ” Morman said.

Unlike Quinnett, Morman was actually packing heat.

When Morman drew his Smith & Wesson M&P40, Quinnet got “a blank look on his face,” Morman said,

“He kind of like hesitated for a second,” Morman said. “He looked at me strangely and just kind of turned around slow and took off out the door.”

Morman’s coworker, 21-year-old mechanic Andrew Salsman, 21, said he followed Quinnett to the nearby Motel 6.

Police were called at about 2 p.m. and caught Quinnett as he exited a motel side door, Fargo police Sgt. Mark Lykken said.

Quinnett was booked at Cass County Jail on suspicion of criminal trespass and robbery with threat of a weapon.

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Letter: We’re selling our future in our state

Carol attempts to portray herself as just a concerned citizen. Roll Eyes

Letter: We’re selling our future in our state
By Carol Aron from Bismarck
I heard about the Oil and Gas Division’s decision regarding the dumping of radioactive filter socks in Noonan, N.D., with horror and alarm. Zenith’s fine for illegally dumping them was cut from $800,000 to $20,000 – a pittance for a company raking in money from the boom.

Drastically reducing or dropping fines represents a pattern by North Dakota regulators, whereby fines are routinely reduced by 90 percent or more. The Oil and Gas Division somehow believes this is more effective than levying the full fine because the remainder is “hanging over their head” and thus avoiding the risk of the company offending a second time.

I share the division’s concern about companies illegally dumping a second time, but I am also concerned about first-time offenders. With fines so low, what is stopping a company from offending in the first place? If I were running a company producing waste in North Dakota, it seems like it would make good business sense to dump the waste, radioactive and otherwise, knowing that no one is very likely to find it, and if they do – well, I’ll pay the nominal fine, or maybe no fine at all, and carry on, promising to do better in the future.

Art Link said, “Let those who follow and repopulate the land be able to say, ‘Our grandparents did their job well. This land is as good as, and in some cases better than, before.’ ”

I wonder if those who work the land after this boom is over will have cause to say that. If our legacy is illegal dumping grounds, spills and unregulated waste, I fear our children will wonder about their grandparents who sold the future of this state for short-sighted greed.

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