Large Political Banners

The real crime is that the people on the truck are RINOs. I have the tax bills to prove it! Angry

Large political banners cover the sides of a parked semi-trailer in the 2800 block of South University Drive. Fargo’s sign code, adopted last November, prohibits signs attached to or painted on a motor vehicle or trailer that’s parked for more than 24 hours.

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  1. noblindersonme

    no asshat , the real crime is still that the politicians behind this stunt are in violation of the sign code!!!!!
    Is the vehicle parked there a traffic hazard? does it deter from the visisbilty of drivers? Is it more likely to cause a pile up? THAT should be the question!
    It DOESN’T matter if it was done by democrats, repubs or, good grief- your childish whine that they are rhinos! Dammit fool- would the vehicle be OK with you if it had been parked there by ‘Real republicans’??? and what kind of politician is OK with you? The American public does not tolerate ‘slackers’ like you who don’t want to pay ANY taxes but still want to have all the comforts and security of a functioning society!
    The ass kicking ,80% rejecting measure 2 got, proved that most decent citizens want a good government and is willing to pony up for it- roads streets schools, flood control, police fire protection , libraries gargbage pickup fireworks on the 4thy July…………….you know a decent place to LIVE!

  2. Lakestom

    As a MN resident I’ve got no axe to grind here. But it is interesting that the ordinance says the vehicle can’t be there for more than 24 hours, but they get ten days to move it. Is this the moral standard needed in politicians these days, They know it wrong but they can get away with it?

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