NDSU, Liberian College Agree To Cooperation Deal

How much will this cost ND taxpayers? What in the world are “diversity officials?” Angry

FARGO – North Dakota State University recognized its new relationship with an African college Friday.

Representatives from Nimba County Community College in Liberia visited NDSU to ceremonially confirm the schools’ partnership and discuss collaborations.

NCCC President Yar Donlah Gonway-Gono and NDSU President Dean Bresciani signed a “memorandum of understanding” between the two schools Friday morning.

Diversity officials from NDSU and Provost Bruce Rafert were at the ceremony along with leaders from the United Nimba Citizens Council (UNICCO), a U.S. nonprofit that advocates for the Liberian county of Nimba.

Before signing the memorandum, university officials discussed the benefits of the partnership, such as the importance of the agriculture programs at both schools.

Bresciani described the partnership with the NCCC as a “perfect alignment.”

After signing the memorandum, Bresciani presented Gonway-Gono with a “challenge coin” from NDSU as a token of good luck and remembering a shared experience.

Gonway-Gono said there is a greater need for opportunities like this partnership in developing countries like Liberia.

Rafert said NDSU will also benefit. “It’s of incredible value,” he said.

Rafert also credited the local chapter of UNICCO in establishing the relationship. The organization has an office in Fargo.

“It’s not just us and an institution abroad,” he said. “It’s grounded with some of their own citizens that call North Dakota home.”

The partnership between the two schools opens the door for the development of programs such as collaborative research and student and faculty exchanges. One cooperative program that was discussed Friday was the possibility of creating a women’s center at NCCC.

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  1. noblindersonme

    Of the 100’s of topics one could chose to comment on , why did Kev decide to whine about this one? Why does he continue to ask questions such as these without the slightest implictaion that he is in search of a greater understanding? Why did not Kev even read the whole article because it did relate to many objectives of the partnership- agricultural cooperation between two schools ( research facilities to the foolish idiots who think colleges are just bastions of liberal tomfoolery. Perhaps the Liberains and us will exchange invaluable genetic knowledge that allows the African nation to FEED it’s rapidly growing populations!) Why didn’t kev look up in the dictionary the meaning of ‘diversity’? he asked the question! Why is kev so intrigued by the cost while there must be 100’s of more compelling stories that might seem to be up kev’s alley of bureaucratic waste ( kev’s alley -now there is a scary place!) Is it because kev is confused and that his narrowminded hatred of ‘librarians ‘( you know those gnones who creep about buildings full of books) those pointy headed liberal society blood suckers will be cooperating with NDSU! Liberia is country in Africa that was founded by freed slaves from America ! It is OK to cooperate with Liberia ,kev, they have forgiven us I guess. Why does kev throw out one snarky topic after topic without ever opening his mind to the answers that might teach him something ? WHY WHY WHY?
    Well the key lies in the headline where the word ‘cooperation’ has the greatest weight . You see when you are a lone wolf , a self asorbed ,me- first, me- only, scribe with no use for cooperating with anyone , any such concept of folks working together just annoys the shit out of him!

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