Man Dies In Semi Rollover In South Dakota

Isn’t it long past time that semi-trucks should be outlawed, even if it will save only one life? Huh

PLANKINTON, S.D. ā€“ A Wisconsin man died in a one-vehicle crash on Interstate 90 just east of Plankinton on Sunday.Maurice D Hampton, 36, of Milwaukee, was a passenger in a 2007 Volvo semi with trailer that was westbound on I-90. The vehicle was hauling general freight from Illinois, with a first stop scheduled in Wyoming. Strong wind pushed the vehicle to the shoulder on the median side of the interstate. The driver, Paul Melvin Mathews, 58, of Dallas, N.C., tried to correct, and the vehicle spun into the north ditch and rolled, coming to rest on its top.Mathews was wearing a seat belt and suffered minor injuries. Hampton was in the sleeper bunk and was thrown out the back. He died at the scene.The vehicle struck an electrical power pole, and power lines fell onto the driving lanes. A portion of the interstate was closed and traffic re-routed for a period of time. Power was out for a time for several area communities.No further information is immediately available.The South Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating. Aurora County Sheriff’s Office, Plankinton Fire and Ambulance and South Dakota Department of Transportation assisted.

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  1. Brad Campbell


    How about cars also? They kill a lot more people than guns….they should go too.

    Cannot wait for noblinders and his commentary on here.

  2. How many die as a result of gravity? Obama should repeal the law of gravity. That Sir Isaac Newton was nothing but a right wing trouble maker!

  3. noblindersonme

    Brad can’t wait for me to comment , why did you miss me?
    When kevin ‘the heartless ‘ mocked a worker dying in an industrial accident at a wind farm plant several years , just to use the death as a stunt to mock Obama , you damn right I commented!!!!
    When I read of the death of the worker in the fracking field in ND , the cynic in me wanted to ask why Kev didn’t mock that death , well I didn’t because I made my point before and I proved what a heartless sh*t he is and I frankly thought he would never reduce humanity to that cheap level again.
    Well shockers! Kev actually went down that road again using the oil worker death as a cheap slam on Obama!
    Having been proven to be a fool with little respect from anyone I guess he doesn’t give a damn ,
    A semi driver dies on the road and you leap to smear Obama with that death? What are you guys , ^&%$#! brats? I guess if I or some other farmer dies in a farm accident ( and farmers are dying all the time in one of the nations most dangerous occupations) Kev would be delighted to “Celebrate that!!!
    I can just see it ,’ Farmer Clem was killed today in a tractor rollover! Kev- I guess the leach was too busy counting his subsidy money!”
    Actually when you post your smart ass comments, ‘WHO do you think this reflects the glare of disgust upon ? – you guys who will use a death as a childish stunt to be a smear on a President you hate , or a the guy like me who confronts the bullies who act like that?
    btw I still have copies of kevin’s mocking the deaths of Mondale’s and other children just to get snarky.
    Brad any time you want to take this behavior up with me in PUBLIC I will be gladly let the the real folks decide who they would throw tomatoes at.

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