Congress Set to Question Hillary Clinton on Security Failures in Benghazi

They have had plenty of time to script this. Angry
Look for Hillary to play dumb and blame her lack of memory on her recent, well publicized, “concussion.”  Roll Eyes

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be on Capitol Hill Wednesday, to give long-awaited testimony about State Department security and the attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya.Clinton, who had to postpone testimony because of health issues, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at 9 a.m. and the House Foreign Affairs Committee at 2 p.m. Wednesday. She will be the only person giving testimony in the hearing called, “Terrorist Attack in Benghazi: The Secretary of State’s View.” More than four months have passed since an act of terrorism killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya. Clinton was expected to testify about a report on security failures in Benghazi in December, but first a concussion and then a blood clot near her brain kept the out-going secretary of state away from Capitol Hill.The report led to the firing of three State Department employees from their posts and one resignation because of ”systemic failures and leadership deficiencies at senior levels in securing the compound.” The departing staff are still on administrative leave, however, meaning they are still State department employees.State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Clinton would first tell representatives at the morning hearing about how the department has begun implementing the report’s recommendations.

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6 Responses to Congress Set to Question Hillary Clinton on Security Failures in Benghazi

  1. noblindersonme says:

    I guess Kev has given up all pretense that he is actually a member of civil society .
    As Dylan said ‘when you aint got nothin , you got nothin to lose”
    makin fun of those whose children die , (Mondale’s daughter etc, ) those who die in industrial accidents, (wind plants-fracking,) those who die in traffic accidents , those who have concussions from falling , those who lose legs in Iraq ( Tammy Duckworth) in Viet Nam ( Max Cleland), … inotherwords any death or tragedy that can be grist for your mill of hate for democrats is how you want to fit in society!
    Now wait for it , unable to formulate a honest reply , kev will 1. formulate another insult to keep his dialogue moving ‘foreward!’ 2. initiate the 2 wrongs make a right ploy under the assumption that guys like me ‘always tolerate’ this sh*t when MY side does it! Well asshat I don’t. 3.fall back on the fact I receive farm subsidy payments and I should be boiled in oil for doing so. or 4. just ignore me

  2. Profile photo of Kevin Kevin says:

    Have you always been easy to fool, Ron?

    • noblindersonme says:

      Only when I was a child , I have since ( for almost 60 years) lived my life on the opposite path that you have wandered on!

      • noblindersonme says:

        remember you put ‘concussion’ in parenthesis only as a snarky FOOLISH ploy to mock and insult a politician you hate , I attacked you , as I always do, for that foolish stunt.
        I see a mugging in the back street and I symbolically intercede as only one can in the internet. Now who is the fool – the mugger or the good samaritan?

        • noblindersonme says:

          oh i get it !!! kev sees himself as the good samaritan !
          You have been fooling yourself your whole life it seems!

      • Profile photo of Kevin Kevin says:

        I’ve never “wandered,” Ron. I have always followed my desired route.

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