State Media Spanks Big Education

How will they make up for the decline in cheap column inches after the education cabal reads this? Huh

Just as North Dakota’s higher education system seemed to have found solid ground after more than a decade of scandal and controversy, it’s been sent reeling again — this time by action of the system’s own leadership.

Chancellor Hamid Shirvani has surely overreached by claiming an office for himself in a new building on the UND campus that was intended to house the system’s technology staff.

Last week UND President Robert Kelley objected to the change in plans and set up a three-sided confrontation that the chancellor probably can’t survive.

There’s a legalistic way in which Shirvani’s action can be justified. It is a system building, not a UND building.

But that won’t get past the politics.

Already the Senate Appropriations Committee has scheduled hearings about the change. It’s charged by Ray Holmberg, who represents a Grand Forks district.

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