ND Department Of Human Rights?

Human rights are granted by God, NOT by the state of North Dakota slackers! Angry


Some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are working to change the name of the state Department of Labor to the state Department of Labor and Human Rights.The lengthened title comes at a cost. Budget analysts estimate that adding the three words to the agency’s moniker will cost more than $5,900 over the next two years.The biggest cost in the name change would be $2,000 for the mass mailing of posters highlighting the new name change. New business cards and staff name tags are pegged at about $1,250.Developing a new logo for the renamed agency is estimated at $444, based on staff time and graphic design costs. That new logo would adorn a door at the agency at a cost of $175.

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  1. noblindersonme

    This is almost toooooooooooo easy. Kev , whose blog is the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus , is stupidly lecturing us about what GOD is. No kev you can’t really just use our lord for your political stunts unless you are prepared to accept that mission in every post you make.
    btw the entire country is now in love with Paul Harvey’s heart warming ‘So GOD made a FARMER! ” That must disgust you to no end as this country nodds in approval to a slice of Americana you have taken great pains to ridicule!!!! Have you seen that commercial Kev? WATCH IT AGAIN ! 95% of those scenes coulda been taken directly from my life! The gnarled hands , the 12+ hour work days, the dirty jeans , the heart breaking loss of watching an animal die that I nursed through sickness, the attendence of community needs after a LONG day, the love and respect I have for the lowly dirt I walk upon each and every day ….. Yeah that is me ( and almost ALL my neighbors) . It is also the imagery you have mocked and smirked at continously here. ( slacker farmers grubbing with their welfare subsidies ..!)
    GOD made me , thank GOD!

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