Adam Carolla Blasts Obama’s Minimum Wage Rhetoric

I’ve been reading his latest book, “Not Taco Bell Material.” Adam knows about what he talks about. Cool

Liberal comedians nationwide put down their note pads when President Obama rallied for a higher minimum wage during this week’s State of the Union address.After all, liberals rarely consider the fiscal consequences of such hikes. What’s to make fun of there?Not Adam Carolla.The podcast king blasted the president’s rhetoric on the issue, reminding listeners most minimum wage jobs are meant for employees getting their first taste of economic realities.    Minimum-wage jobs are the ones you’re supposed to have in high school and you’re supposed to pass through them. The idea is — I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16. The whole idea isn’t let’s make Adam Carolla comfortable working at McDonald’s. I was like, ‘I’m getting $2.43 a hour. This place sucks ass. I want out of here as fast as I can possibly do it.’He also argued people working minimum wage jobs should think twice before starting a family, a subject no politician would ever explore.    And you certainly aren’t supposed to have two crappity smacking kids when you’re making Minimum Wage. It’s not responsible; it’s not responsible to the kids you’re trying to raise; and it’s not responsible to the community they live in because you’re not — you’re not paying your fair share.

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  1. noblindersonme

    Just when you think kev could not post anything more disparageable about his thinking and habits , he posts that he reads a book written by the great wit and deep thinker Adam Corolla! Corolla was the boorish twit who once had a talk show on cable that celebrated the worst in manly behavior , I forgot the name – Men Behaving Badly or some sh*t like that. He and Jim Kimmel , before Kimmel went ‘legit’, sat around drinking beer, I kid you not! acting exactly like immature frat boys making fun of all that was not fitting into their ‘SLACKER! lives ( got that Kev !!!!!! Adam was the king of slackers!) “Farting ‘ I seem to remember was a particular laugh source , and they always ended their show with ” Babes ( with big ****in bikinis) jumping on trampolines!!!
    Yeah Kev quotes Adam Corolla as his source for moral inspiration !!!
    I just finished reading a bio of Churchill this winter, Last winter I read Ambrose’s bio of Eisenhower , and next winter I hope to start Doris Kearns’s Lincoln!!!
    and Kev continues to bash me cuz I am out of the loop!!!!!

    1. James

      It just so happens that adam corolla is right on. Don’t kill the messenger just because you disagree with the message. You know? Only a freaking fruitcake would not like the manshow.

      1. noblindersonme

        well if farts and bouncing boobs on trampolines are your idea of cleverness or witty humor , than call me a fuitcake!

  2. noblindersonme

    btw the way I spent my youth shoveling manure out of barns , milking cows by hand , picking rocks BY HAND to clear the fields , pitching bales of hay and riding tractors to seemingly no end , LOVED it and got NO Pay , no minimum wage ! And if the crop got hailed out and the rains didn’t come or the cow price plummeted , we barely got by. Adam Corolla would not have lasted a day at my side!
    And I truly believe Kev finds my story not believable , a fable that a LIBERAL like me could only fabricate and a tale that he and Corolla would surely mock if they could only get together over a beer . Do they have trampolines at Hooters KEV?

      1. noblindersonme

        listen asshole . The fact that your blog has been reduced to a shallow dried up cesspool of sh*t , due to your continued refusal to grow up and my continued harsh appraisals of your cruel posts , has apparently made you feel more quilty than you realize .Isn’t that why you continue to dodge the truth and continue with your fictional attacks on myself and your other critics?
        I feel no guilt son.
        I have the xrays to prove it. They show how many decades of hard work have dealt my body a lifetime of wear and tear, and in dire need of replacemant of things like knees and shoulders and busted fingers, which were earned by 50 years of hard work.
        anytime you want to expurgate your guilt to my face and tell me what a slacker I am then just name the time and place!
        btw I have been involved in some movements of agriculture advocacy. Average farmers are encouraged to get involved in promoting farming to the public and protecting farmers from false, uninformed (stupid) attacks from special interests groups and a detached citizenry.
        You should know I have referred many of your comments and views as a primarily example of the stupidity farmers should be aware of .
        aint that a legacy you shoud feel guity about?

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