First Lady Quips That Midlife Crisis Led To Bangs

Oh, brother! Roll Eyes
She should do something about that dopey underbite.

PALM CITY, Fla. — Michelle Obama jokingly says a midlife crisis is what inspired her new haircut with bangs.The first lady revealed the new hairstyle last month on her 49th birthday, which came a few days before the festivities for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.Mrs. Obama was asked about the new haircut during an interview with talk-show host Rachael Ray.Said Mrs. Obama: “This is my midlife crisis.” She added that she cut her bangs because she can’t get a sports car and won’t be allowed to bungee jump.The interview was conducted via Skype and is scheduled to air on Wednesday. The “Rachael Ray Show” released excerpts on Monday.

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  1. Doc

    If you position yourself as a conservative voice of reason, why don’t you drop the ad hominem attacks against a person who happens to be married to someone you loath and stick to issues of policy and politics?

    Or, you can continue undermining your credibility with these puerile observations.

    Your choice.

      1. noblindersonme

        We see which choice kev made !
        dodge the direct question of Doc.
        Ignore the fact that he was stupid and childish to make fun of a person’s looks .
        Go directly to snipe at his critic’s personal life or finances.
        You see having his own blog makes Kev feel Godlike and lets him ‘play’ by his own set of rules.

    1. noblindersonme

      heh heh Kev at his worst again!
      kev -the single best example of cowardice and meaness that exists locally on the internet.

    2. noblindersonme

      which pose Kev? How about a pose that positions you directly in front, face to face, in the real world , in hand to hand reach from those you insult and ridicule !
      a sports writer in the Twin Cities had a recent column about stupidity in the blogs and he referred to the phenomenon of ‘internet tough guys’ . He got a great response from the vast majority of his readers. Only the ‘internet tough guys’ were angry and they all gave away their stupidity by how shrill and dumb their feeble responses were.
      no one exemplifies that ‘internet arrogance’ better than kev!

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