Schultz Says Prime-time Exit Was His Idea

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Roll Eyes

NEW YORK – Don’t call it a demotion.

Despite reports that he was pushed out of his prime-time slot on MSNBC after four years of a nightly show on the liberal cable news network, Ed Schultz insists his move to a Saturday and Sunday show on MSNBC was his decision.

“This was my move,” he said Thursday.

In an interview with The Forum hours before his final show in the weekday 7 p.m. slot, the former Fargo talk show host said he volunteered to shift to the weekend to lighten his load, which includes his three-hour nationally syndicated talk show on radio.

“I’m 59. I’m not getting any younger, you know?” Schultz said, a day after disclosing the departure on his TV show Wednesday night. “I was just getting tired of the grind in many respects. It’s something I had to get away from.”

A daily routine of TV and radio has meant 13- and 14-hour days, Schultz said, a whirlwind of work that had prompted MSNBC President Phil Griffin to check with Schultz regularly to see how he was holding up.

Knowing that Griffin was looking to beef up its original programming on the weekend and get away from its documentary repeats – “the doc’ block,” as Schultz called it – he approached Griffin about a month ago with the idea, he said.

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  1. noblindersonme

    and it is a good story asshat! What’s your problem with it! Don’t you think a man pushin 60 who has been putting in 13-15 hour days ,does think it is time to cut back !! He is a family man also who I assume wants to spend more watching his son perform, who is a prominent golfer, and I think he has step kids from his second marriage who he and his wife want to spend more time with. ( gee you think being a grandparent isn’t one of life’s greatest experiences and I don’t know if he is a grandfather yet, but apparently you idiots don’t give a sh*t about either)
    I know you idiots on the far right hate him because he is a traitor and turned his angry bluster act ( which you guys loved when he was a conservative) to the other side ( liberal and now you hate the same behavior you idiots once so much cheered ).
    Once again I see no purpose of your post at all , unless it is a continuing act of non- self awareness which showcases your limited ability to present substance to the public forum.

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