Chelsea Clinton Buying $10 Million NYC Apartment

But these people are just “public servants.” Roll Eyes

File under: It’s a wonderful world for children of elitists and crooked politicians,

Chelsea Clinton is buying a $10.5 million spread right across the street from Madison Square Park, reports NyPo. The apartment is 5,000 square feet and is located in the Whitman.
The unit at 21 E. 26th St. is four bedrooms, with 6 1/2 bathrooms, and the family room has a full view of the park.

The five-story building has one apartment per floor, and a key-locked elevator.

Chelsea, 33, and her husband Marc Mezvinsky, 35, according to NyPo, “live in the neighborhood and found the building on their own while out walking.”

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  1. noblindersonme

    questions an intelligent person would ask before posting this snarky twitter….
    1. Is the object of the barb a ‘public servant ‘?
    2. has the object embarrased themselves in the public eye with scandal , malfeasance or some hypocritical behavior?
    3.has this ‘child”s life been one where we could smirk that the ‘apple didn’t fall far the tree!’
    4 . Has ..well you get my drift..

    Chelsea Clinton -long the object for ridicule from the spoiled brats ( like Kev and Rush -‘ Chelsea looks like Bill’s pet dog’ etc etc ) today has entered her middle years as a mature ,lovely, and non controversial contributing member of celebrity society .
    Yet kev, the brat , still has not reached that point in life where he can shake that need to keep her handy for ridicule!
    Why Kev ?
    Btw did you do some research that proves her HUSBAND is possibly partly responsible for her postion to buy a rich apartment? She does have a ‘cushy ‘job as a news journalist and I assume it pays very well , but bottom line , UNLIKE YOU , she has done her job respectfully ,accurately, and without discernable criticism.
    Has she committed ANY sins that need to be held up for scorn KEV? Is she supposed to carry the cross of her father’s White House scandal forever?
    Well I could post ad naseum here ( as I have done in the past) , but remember the key word I used here when I began ,” an INTELLIGENT person should of asked these serious questions ‘ before making fun of someone like Chelsea.

  2. noblindersonme

    Well I googled Chelsea’s resume because , well, kev simply aint got the balls to face the truths that he avoids here.
    Chelsea is currently teaching at Harvard while studying for her PHD at Oxford in her spare time . She also does occasional reports for NBC . She is a busy girl! She will cut back on most of that as she wants to start a family . She did a stint on WALL STREET where she met her husband who is an INVESTMENT BANKER!!! Gee ya think they made some decent bucks there as the stock market has more than doubled under Obama ( from 6500 to 14000+ today!!)
    Kev – a public servant is one who solicits votes and works for a salary in service to the public!
    damn investments bankers – how dare they masqerade as public servants!!!

  3. I can see why you relate to Chelsea Clinton; she inherited the family business, too.
    It’s too bad she has no talent, but who can feel sorry for her?

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