I’m Glad I’m Not Jim Ebsen!

The Gay mafia will have their long knives out for Jim after they read his letter! Shocked

Published June 14, 2013, 11:33 PM
Letter: Homosexual door opened when APA greased hinges
By: Jim Ebsen, Fargo
In 1973, after considerable and mounting pressure from homosexual organizations such as the Gay Liberation Task Force, the American Psychiatric Association went on record stating: “Homosexuality, in and of itself, cannot be deemed a psychosis.” The significance of that statement is this: A psychosis is a mental anomaly that precludes the ability of one to care for one’s self within the mainstream of the greater society without treatment. Homosexuality, the APA declared, just doesn’t meet that definition.

Secondly, the APA conceded that they did not possess a proven means of treatment that would enable a person’s transformation from homosexuality to heterosexuality. So, they concluded that it is better that homosexuals adapt to their anomaly and to get on with their lives as best they can. That opened the door.

It should be noted, however, that the APA never declared homosexuality to be normal, harmless, moral, deviate or perverted. I am told that science doesn’t make those kinds of determinations. Ironically, exactly the same conclusions can be reached as it pertains to pedophilia, i.e., pedophiles can function effectively in the greater mainstream of society and pedophilia cannot be cured. Should we expect to hear from the APA about that poor misunderstood minority?

With APA opening the homosexual door in 1973, the most successful societal indoctrination process this country has ever witnessed has reached fruition, and now homosexual marriage and adoption are at the forefront. And, most recently, the Boy Scouts of America have caved in to the pressure. I do not believe that in 1973 anyone saw that coming, not even the APA.

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  1. William Kirschner

    It’s amazing that 40 years after the APA acknowledges that homosexuality is not a disease, the Forum decides it’s newsworthy to publish this letter. What century are we living in here? Research shows there is no link between pedophilia and homosexuality, but this writer continues to appeal to hat old fear. Nor is there any research to support preventing gay couples from adopting children. Fortunately most of the younger generation has learned not to fear gay people because allowing people to love who they want to is the hallmark of a free society, and people still want to be free, especially free from fear. Hopefully, one day Mr. Ebsen will find that freedom and will learn tolerance of human differences. Happy Fathers Day to ALL fathers.

  2. noblindersome

    How about Ebsen’s statement that he is amazed most major religions have fallen for this ,’jumped on the gay bandwagon!’ Without pointing out those obvious Christain leaders who are preaching Jesus’s teachings of love and acceptance, isn’t the most glaring example of a ‘ major religion condemning homosexuality’, the extremists of Islam like the Taliban! Or the Westboro Church in America.? Tell us all kev . WHERE do you take your moral stand. When The crazies of Westboro protest the funerals of American servicemen do you secretly want to make a snarky remark about the ‘gay mafia’ being too sensitive!

      1. noblindersome

        I dont know for 100 % certainly, KEV, if there is ! I don’t know !
        DO YOU!!!!!!
        For one thing as a farmer who spent some 50 years now growing and raising plants and animals . ( and who studied genetics in college as a requirement for my degree) I think my insight to ‘genes ‘ FAR excedes any stupid view you could post here .
        Is there a ‘gay gene ‘ KEV? What is YOUR view ???
        Tell us all here ! Stick out your neck .
        Are you saying they choose the lifestyle ? Now explain to the world why you think people would choose a lifestyle so willingly when they know that leads to a life of ostracism, bigotry and downright hatred ?
        Please tell us! or maybe it is because thet are born that way!

  3. noblindersome

    Still waiting for your reply Kev. Since my June 16 post you have put out two more anti gay pieces. Please tell us all why you think there is not a gay gene . The science community eagerly awaits .It would settle for once and all why certain individuals ‘chose’ a life leading to ostracism etc! It has gotta be cuz they are just simply _____ * perverts , right Kev ? Only that reason can fit in your world !

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