Delinquent Moose In Crookston

Delinquents always hang out on street corners! I’ll bet it had a cigarette hanging from its mouth.Shocked


  Remember that moose we’ve been telling you about that’s been hanging around Crookston for the past several months?  Well, it has a new home.Experts from the Department of Natural Resources tranquilized it, put it in a stock trailer and hauled it near the Canadian border in Kittson County.Police Chief Tim Motherway says it had been hanging around yards and street corners in Crookston over the past week, causing a danger to people.  Motherway says the moose was doing fine.

Tim Motherway, Crookston Police Chief: “And they were able to tranquilize the moose and load it into a trailer and then it was given an antidote and the moose got up. They’re currently transporting it to Kittson County.

Motherway says there’s already a population of moose at its new home. He says, he hopes the moose has a long, happy life.

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