After Decades Behind In Pay, ND Governor Nears Mn.

Does anyone really believe these two silver spooners care about compensation from their “jobs?” All they care about is raw power. 

I’ll bet Jack Dalrymple doesn’t pay more in state income taxes than federal income taxes like I have for the last two years!Angry

Bismarck – North Dakota Gov. Art Link earned a salary of just $27,500 in 1980, the country’s lowest pay for a governor.Minnesota Gov. Al Quie was paid more than twice as much, with his $62,000 annual salary the country’s eighth-highest.

But a review of historical data from the Council of State Governments shows that while North Dakota’s salary has more than quadrupled since 1980, Minnesota’s salary hasn’t quite doubled in that same amount of time and hasn’t gone up at all since 1998.

According to the Lexington, Ky., nonprofit, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s annual salary for 2013 is $116,999 and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s 2013 salary is $120,303. According to a report by the council, Dalrymple was the 35th-highest paid governor in 2013 while Dayton was 31st.