Isn’t this part of the evil “urban sprawl” the elites like to yammer about? Huh

WEST FARGO – There’s no oil under West Fargo, but that isn’t keeping it from being a North Dakota boom town.

West Fargo issued a record number of housing permits in 2012, and is on track to eclipse that mark this year.

In 2012, the city issued $216 million in permits, nearly two and a half times the amount for 2011, Planning Director Larry Weil said. That included 411 single-family and twin homes, and 430 townhomes and apartments.

Builders are raising roofs even faster this year.

Through June, 180 single-family permits were issued in West Fargo, 20 more than last year at this time; 30 twin home permits, 14 more than last year; and seven apartment complex permits with 243 units, nearly 200 units more than last year.

Nine more subdivisions with 560 lots were approved, including Strawberry Fields, Shadow Creek Fourth Addition, Brooks Harbor First and Second additions, Eaglewood Second Addition, Rivers Bend at the Preserve First Addition, South Pond at the Preserve Seventh Addition, West Creek First Addition, and Shadow Creek Fifth Addition, Weil said.

The Brooks Harbor additions west of Sheyenne Street are now getting sewer, water and roads for the planned 258 lots.

“It’s kind of a war zone going down Sheyenne,” Weil said.

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  1. noblindersome

    This record of housing and development that is roaring out in West Fargo is an indication that the economy is healthy healthy healthy! Why? There are many good reasons! A strong robust ag economy is one major one , and agriculure has always been the driving force in ND . good weather (last year) =strong farmer purchasing . good government policies ( which the ignorant Kev abhors ( and don’t get all pissy about the ‘ignorant ‘ adjective because ‘ignorant’ is exactly the term to describe kev’s views) , strong overseas marketing pushed by the relative absense of major wars and a exploding population.
    The intelligent person looks at ALL this and trys to predict the future and sense what complications will ensue! The world’s population will add several BILLION by centuries end. Farmers LIKE ME!! I repeat farmers like ME , will be will be at the forefront at that production of food , NOT the snotty do nothings like Kev who just look at issues ( like an ELITIST) and whine and bitch.
    Future demands on our precious farm land will be the major issue in the future. “Urban sprawl’ is NOT something you should mock ****!. God is not making more rich Red River valley farmland . Idiot!
    We need to be smart about how we face this . Urban sprawl does equal a much smaller base from which future generations can be fed from , does it not! Urban sprawl does equal more green productive ‘cooling ‘ areas of earth being destroyed (Amazon jungle , Red River wheat fields, Russians pampas etc etc, 1000 acres here a 1000 acres there and soon we have millions of acres no longer cooling the planet ) .Black asphalt and dark concrete absorbs heat , repels humidity) and the dynamics of a sensitive planet are changed . Only the stupid looks at that future without cause for concern. and Kev isn’t concerned about anything but himself – which of course is the defintion of an “elitist!”
    How will we feed my grand children , Kev’s grandchildren ? Africa’s Asia’s grandchildren? ????? ‘ yammering elitists ‘like Kev don’t give a damn apparently !
    Also isn’t a story like this ANOTHER positive example of an economy that IS NOT as bad as the right is constantly moaning and whining about! Housing, construction, automobile sales up up UP! The Stock Market roaring to record levels , the unenployment rate slowly dropping ( slowly yes BUT STILL GOING DOWN) positive signs after positive signs , but, by GOD ,the right can’t let that positivity creep into the national psyche . Their mission is to keep telling the stories of gloom and doom and keep the fiction of Obama and democrats as destroyers of everything sacred fresh .
    In 2008 Kev and the right said Obama would bring ‘ a depression even greater than the 30’s’ , etc etc. To quote the silly nilly Palin , how’d that dopey whine work out for ya!

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