New $10 Per Vehicle ‘wheelage Tax’ Starts Jan. 1 In Clay County

What will Mn. tax next; air? Angry

MOORHEAD – Come Jan. 1, drivers here and across Clay County will be required to pay a new $10 fee when they renew their license tabs.

The so-called “wheelage tax” was passed unanimously by Clay County commissioners on July 16 in an effort to bolster the county’s road repair funds.

Of the 87 counties in Minnesota, 40 have passed the new wheelage tax, which has been available to the seven-county Twin Cities metro area since the 1970s. It was approved this year by the Legislature for statewide use.

Counties have until Thursday to inform the state that they have passed a wheelage tax if they want to institute the new charge next year, said Julie Ring, legislative coordinator for the Association of Minnesota Counties.

Ring said the tax in Clay County could draw in an estimated $460,000 a year.

The only other North Dakota/Minnesota border county to pass a wheelage tax is Polk County, according to Ring’s notes. She estimated the tax would earn Polk $300,000 a year.

The Association of Minnesota Counties pushed hard for the wheelage tax, Ring said.

“I think every county in Minnesota would say that they do not have adequate funding for their transportation system,” she said.

The Moorhead Business Association opposes the wheelage tax because of how it can negatively affect business growth, said Executive Director Chuck Chadwick.

“It’s just not a good idea,” he said. “Even though it’s ten bucks, (we’re) so sensitive to North Dakota competition.”

Ring and Clay County Administrator Brian Berg said the counties need more options for gathering funds to keep roads up to snuff. In Minnesota, the only revenue source counties have is property taxes, Ring said.

“There’s been a lot of pressure on property taxes, a lot of discussions of ways to relieve propriety taxes, and so from our perspective this gave counties another option for revenue for those roads,” she said.

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  1. noblindersome

    Eskimos ,it is said ,have about 40 different words or adjectives to describe snow . It is getting to the point that we need that many different descriptions of ‘ignorant ‘ to describe the shades of foolery that Kev posts here.
    Kev lives in Fargo -why is he bitchin about what drivers in Morehead have to pay.
    Does Kev drive on roads in Morehead ? Unless he is a hermit ( which would explain a lot ) he probably has and therefore he used roads others have paid for with their taxes – hence Kev is a ‘free luncher ‘!’
    “what will Mn tax next’ – the air ‘ he smirks . If ‘air’ causes massive road damage then yes the ‘air’ and those who use it should be taxed. HOW else should roads be fixed? But of course ‘air’ does not harm roads – tires and the heavy continual wear of their loads are the cause of road damage.
    Therefore it seems sensible that those who use a public facility should be the ones who should be asked to PAY FOR IT! Is there a more fair tax ?
    There are about a dozen shades of dumb in that ‘air’ comment , but let us continue with the question(s) that we always ask Kev- How would he then pay for road repair etc ? How ?
    Should we ask the federal govt to pick up the tab ? In the state where Kev actually does live , republican local politicains put the kibosh on milk for school kids in their budget by whing the ” the feds should pick up that bill!”
    Mr anti Washington was OK with that?
    Don’t like locals leaders asking us to pay the bills , past the buck to Washington which Kev hates even more?
    I know ! We should tax the Chinese! Tax the Europeans ! WE saved their ass from Hitler 3 generations ago ,WE should ask them to pay to fix the roads in Morehead.
    or maybe we should just do nothing , let the roads decay and if more potholes appear ask each driver to carry a bucket of sand in his car and fill them accordingly. I am sure Kev would would be first in line at the sand pile like he was when Fargo was asking for volunteers to sandbag for the various floods !
    or maybe we could be just good decent citizens and PAY for the bill when it comes due!
    ( fyi for those who read this and I know few do . I am a township chairman and I have been faced with momental road repair challenges for a decade and the answers are ALWAYS very difficult . Ask any township supervisor in this state and they will reply they could write a book on this crisis of road repair in ND.And each and every one will attest that there are always the smart ass /do nothings who hinder the process).

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