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Letter: Only the closed-minded presume enlightenment
By Paul Opperman on Jul 2, 2014 at 11:36 p.m.
In response to Taylor Brorby of Dickinson, N.D. (June 25 Forum commentary): Brorby hopes for open discussion of same-sex marriage in North Dakota. Sadly, the approach he takes in his June 25 letter is exactly what makes open discussion very difficult. He describes North Dakota as “closeted,” “close-minded,” “lagging behind,” and states that its close-minded residents “push base viewpoints of hate and bigotry” to the detriment of the mental health of its young people. With this barrage of name-calling and, behind it, a slew of false assumptions about why I and many others think same-sex marriage is wrong for society, how should I begin an “open” dialogue?
Clear the fog

I can only make a small attempt to clear the emotional fog and disambiguate some of the terms. The truth is that the vast majority of those who support the traditional conception of marriage do not push hatred of homosexuals. When we are labeled “bigots” for our sincere and rationally supported beliefs, we are pained because this name-calling cuts us off at the start and puts us in a “closet” so that rational discussion in the public forum is nigh impossible. The use of the adjective “close-minded” always presumes that the user is the “enlightened” one. It does not substitute for an argument that truly enlightens.

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  1. July 7 Wall Street Journal

    North Dakota Fracking: Behind the Oil-Train Explosions
    Volatile Gases Aren’t Removed From Bakken Shale Crude; ‘The Regulations Are Silent’
    Only one stabilizer has been built—and isn’t yet operating—to make Bakken Shale oil safer

    “Energy companies spent hundred of millions of dollars to make Texas shale oil less dangerous. But the effort hasn’t been made in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale, leading to fiery train crashes.”


    “Lacking that infrastructure, stripping out volatile liquids could hurt profits by reducing the volume of crude for sale. Stabilizing the crude could cut potential revenue by perhaps 2%, an industry executive estimates.”–WSJ

    For 2 friggen %; people have died, and all of the people in charge were/are willing to let more people die. I’ve heard no one of authority in this NDGOP controlled State say anything to the contrary…and I’ve badgered each and every one of them.

    “In North Dakota’s Bakken Shale oil field, nobody installed the necessary equipment. The result is that the second-fastest growing source of crude in the U.S. is producing oil that pipelines often would reject as too dangerous to transport.”–WSJ

    “This is what I would say about removing the volatility, IF THERE IS A SCIENTIFIC WAY TO DO THAT.” –Congressman Kevin Cramer, in a July 1 online Town Hall, questioning whether it is possible to remove the explosive chemicals from Bakken crude…something oil producers have been doing for nearly a century. Cramer was on the ND PSC less than two years ago. kevin@kevincramer.org

    “(Jack) Dalrymple said there were not enough facilities in place in North Dakota to make that a viable option.” Our Governor, on deploying stabilizers to remove flammable natural gas liquids (NGLs) from Bakken crude before it is loaded onto rail cars, evidently speaking on behalf of the ND Petroleum Council. June 24 (Reuters)

    “I would expect that anyone living by the railroad tracks know the dangers if they don’t they should educate themselves on the facts of these dangers. They can contact the BNSF people to get this information. It has to be listed on what travels through their area. We are not at the mercy of the ND petroleum council or the NDGOP.” –ND State Senator Oley Larsen, via email June 5

    (Lynn) Helms said some also are trying to raise fears about moving Bakken crude by rail, after a train carrying it derailed and exploded in the Canadian province of Quebec in July, killing 47 people. He said there’s a plan to develop a white paper through the Pipeline Authority (Directed by Justin Kringstad) that will analyze Bakken crude and try “to dispel this myth that it is somehow an explosive really dangerous thing to have traveling up and down your rail lines.” December 13, 2013 (Forum News Service)

    Helms is the Director of the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, and is an unelected employee of the Industrial Commission…Dalrymple, Goehring, and Stenehjem. Seven weeks previous, there were 300 foot fireballs in Alabama, from a Bakken Oil Train Derailment, and two weeks later, Casselton. No white paper has been seen, and Helms still works there.

    “Until we have data that reflects otherwise, crude is crude and it’s been moved by train for a long time.” –State Mineral Resources spokeswoman Alison Ritter, December 16, 2013 (AP) Seven weeks previous…blah, blah, blah…

    Everyone else: No response.

    Who doesn’t have friends or family that live, work, eat, shop…within 6-8 blocks of the railroad, somewhere in the country, where the Bakken oil trains travel? You don’t really expect sociopathic corporations to care; but the people we elect to serve and protect us, can’t get away with this callous disregard of lives.

    And, no…holding emergency drills to prepare for casualties, because oil companies are too cheap to make their product as safe as possible, doesn’t cut it, Mr. Dalrymple.

    These are the people that have the power to make this nonsense stop…

    The North Dakota Industrial Commission ndicinfo@nd.gov

    Governor Jack Dalrymple
    Chief of Staff Ron Rauschenberger rrausche@nd.gov
    Senior Policy Advisors
    Kayla Effertz kmeffertz@nd.gov
    Jody Link jlink@nd.gov
    Tami Ternes tlternes@nd.gov
    Andrea Travnicek atravnicek@nd.gov
    Jerod Tufte jetufte@nd.gov
    Jeff Zent jlzent@nd.gov

    Ag Commissoner Doug Goehring
    Deputy Ag Commissioner Tom Bodine tbodine@nd.gov
    Assistant to the Commissioner Jody Reinke jodyreinke@nd.gov
    ndda@nd.gov @NDagriculture

    Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem wstenehjem@nd.gov@WStenehjem

    The North Dakota Public Service Commission ndpsc@nd.gov@NDPSC

    Commissioner Julie Fedorchak jfedorchak@nd.gov @fedorchak4PSC
    Commissioner Randy Christmann rchristmann@nd.gov @Christmann_R
    Commissioner Brian Kalk bkalk@nd.gov brian@briankalk.com @briankalk

    The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources
    Oil & Gas Division oilandgasinfo@nd.gov

    Director Lynn Helms lhelms@nd.gov
    Assistant Director Oil and Gas Division Bruce E. Hicks bhicks@nd.gov
    Spokesperson Alison Ritter amritter@nd.gov

    The North Dakota Pipeline Authority
    Director Justin Kringstad jjkringstad@ndpipelines.com

    (Lobbyists) The North Dakota Petroleum Council ndpc@ndoil.org

    President Ron Ness ronness@ndoil.org
    Vice President Kari Cutting kcutting@ndoil.org
    Spokesperson Tessa Sandstrom tsandstrom@ndoil.org

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