They Don’t Like WEFest

These two biddies need to get lives. Roll Eyes

Letter: Wrong emphasis on WE Fest beer
By Jean Lemmon from Fergus Falls, Minn
I was disappointed in the front-page feature photo in the Aug. 7 edition of The Forum. The photo illustrated the opening day of WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn. It showed the interior of a warehouse filled with beer in anticipation of the three-day country music festival.Every year, the media reports on various illegal offenses caused by the over-indulgence of alcohol at the event. There is also an increase of law enforcement officers to deal with “out-of-control” drinking. And some years, an alcohol-related death occurs during the event.

Why would a highly respected paper like The Forum choose to focus on the negative aspect of the country-western affair?

The photo seems to encourage, not discourage, binge drinking. There had to be a better photo shot than this one.

Letter: Forum overkill for a drunk fest
By Diane Widhalm from Fargo
Here are a couple of very simple questions for you:The Detroit Lakes Water Carnival is older than WE Fest, more family-oriented and lasts a whole week. Can you argue those points? And still not one iota of coverage from The Forum. Explain.
Then we have WE Fest, which also could be known as the excuse for a four-day drunk fest, and we get overkill every day in The Forum. Certainly not family-oriented.

Why? Can you explain this to me?

Widhalm is former Detroit Lakes, Minn., resident.