Letter: Rep. Peterson Votes Like A Republican

David sounds like he has an irrational fear that all of his government benefits won’t grow fast enough to support his lavish lifestyle. Letter: Rep. Peterson votes like a Republican By David Cummings from Dilworth Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., claims that he is a Democrat, but his voting record hardly supports such a premise. Most…
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Letter: Terrorists Win When We Act Out Of Fear

Dennis must have been home sick the day they taught about FDR having all Japanese citizens put in camps until the end of the war. Letter: Terrorists win when we act out of fear By Dennis Kooren from Fargo We have nothing to fear but fear itself has taken on a life of its own…
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Richmond Police Chief Accepts Job In Tucson

He’s packing up his carpetbag again. I hope he brushed up on his Spanish language skills. RICHMOND — Chris Magnus, Richmond’s high-profile police chief, has accepted an offer to lead the Tucson, Arizona, police force, according to a Tucson spokeswoman. The decision still has to be approved by the Tucson City Council at its meeting…
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Letter: Again, Left Cold By SheSays Content

Mike is going to make Charo, Tracy and Jane cry! :'( Letter: Again, left cold by SheSays content By Mike Martin from Enderlin, N.D. Once again, I tried to enjoy and learn something from a Sunday Forum SheSays section. And once again, after wrestling with the Nov. 1 example, I was left cold. Stories like,…
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Rising Temperatures Linked To Drop In Birth Rates

Isn’t this a good thing? Haven’t we been told for years there is a “population bomb” just waiting to kill us all?