More Nonsense From The Fargo Forum The only reason Jack writes such nonsense is, so when he goes to newpaper conventions, he doesn’t get called a hack from fly over country. He still longs for the Clinton days when the dysfunctional were made comfortable with their dysfunctions and those who were involved with bankruptcy fraud could get away with it.

Slacker Letters To The Editor

Have you ever wondered who the people are that write the President Bush hating letters to the editor? They are almost always written by people who’s worst fear is having to earn a productive living in the private sector. I’ve been keeping track of them here:

Red Ed’s Publicity Stunt

Gee, Ed Schultz mislead people into believing that the hurricane victims he flew up to Fargo on a private jet with would be staying at his lakeside estate. He actually dropped them off at a motel in Fargo! Now Ed is yammering that this area is being snubbed and not getting any people affected by the hurricane.…
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